Friday, January 1, 2010

Landed in the Fatherland!

Well, I did it. I moved to Germany. I kind of can't believe that I went through with it... not cause I was ever doubting the decision. Once I had made up my mind to go, I was set and have felt good about it all ever since. However, I can't believe I made the decision to go. It was a good one... the right one.

It was a bit surreal all day as I landed in Dusseldorf and said, "Sprechen Sie English?" Haha! It was also surreal meeting the family finally, unpacking my bags, and even stepping off the plane...

This is going to be a great experience - I feel so good about it, and Germany is just SO dang beautiful! I love Europe. I really am floored by how GREEN it is - it reminds me of the East Coast a lot, which I am grateful for. I feel like it's a little piece of home for me. Along those lines, the house of the family is set up exactly like mine back home, and it's perfect... very sheik.

There will be pictures and more stories tomorrow, but tonight I am WAY too exhausted to stay up and blog more. I'll leave you with some quotes:

"I'm strong, but I'm not that strong. I mean, I'm six." - Nico

"Mom, you didn't make the best dinner, but you made a really good one." - Nico
"Thanks for the feedback." - Koko

*Phin asking if he could hold my hand after just meeting me... presh!*

And lastly, the boys words to me before bedtime... "It the first day of Linze! Goodnight - sleep tight!"

Oh, and thanks to all who sent your well-wishes today - It means a lot... I'm out.

Tomorrow = Pictures.


Song of the Day: I just really love this song... and I've needed an old-time goodie in here for awhile now. Here's today's song - get ready, cause it's a WAY good one! - Amos Lee's, Colors. This is a version with Norah Jones that I discovered today... um, yes please! Okay, she's only in the background barely, but it's still Mmm Mmm Good.... such a treat for the ears! Enjoy!


Anya May said...

oh... your blog made me cry. Enjoy every minute...the good and the bad. You are going to learn a lot!

Mindy said...

You are soo gutsy!!! I cannot wait for pictures!! :)