Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Letter to my Mother

I thought that I would post the most recent letter to my mother BECAUSE it's informative, somewhat witty, and has some definite potential for this blog's writing level. Haha! Plus, I don't have a lot of time to type new info in here. Haha...

"Hey Mom!

I'm sorry your class was so crazy yesterday... I would say maybe it's something in the air, but there's always stuff in there air there. No excuse. I had a dream that I was back there for the weekend and some of the teachers had changed, and the kids had moved grades... and you were a ROCKSTAR driver. You did all these crazy things with our, truck - the one we don't own. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know I was "dreaming of you!" Haha...

Funny tale to tell: I got to my German class a few minutes late and the teacher was already going on a bit in German... I thought, these guys all seem to know each other and she's probably refreshing some information from a class I missed before I got here. Well, after about ten minutes I was getting a little worried because the girl next to me had a German level 3 book next to her. The teacher then turned to me and started asking me questions... I had no idea what she was saying, so I did my best to answer (got a few right - like my name - haha!) and then finally I said, "Do you know Anya? I'm the new nanny." The light dawned on her and she asked me to come with her (in English) and took me down to the head of the place to switch me to BEGINNING German. Haha! They asked if I thought I could keep up in a higher level and with a resounding "NO!" they laughed and put me in a class that now meets on Wednesdays and Fridays starting NEXT week. I had to laugh - I mean, I must have looked like the biggest idiot.

I'm coming to realize that most people here DO speak a little English, but it's like I said... a LITTLE English. I ask questions and always have to re-word myself and speak like I am talking to a first grader. They just don't get the big words. In fact, Nico and Finni seem to be doing better grasping my vocabulary than anyone else. Haha! Okay, well maybe Mike is up there at the level, but he's from Denmark - I'm not sure he counts. Haha... :)

Anyway, I made a big adventure of finding my way to a little shop up from the boys kindergarten (ALDI), and buying more minutes for my cell phone here. I think that I was out... I'm not really certain, but I think so. It was flashing at me, and won't let texts come through... so, I'm assuming.

I also did all of this with my deductive reasoning of the public transportation system and my feet, as my bike STILL has a flat (yesterday I came out to find it was flat before I picked up the boys from kindergarten) and I could not figure out how to get the tire off the bike to change the inner tube. I'm fairly confident that I could do that part, but not without getting the bike tire off of the bike. I hope that Patrick isn't too upset that I'm going to need some help tonight with that... There is no WAY I am going to be able to do it by myself. Hm...

Well, I am off to tackle another thing: Prepping for dinner tonight. I am the cook again tonight, which I don't mind so much... but it really is hard when I don't know the things that they have. They might be getting an easy dish tonight... I need to get things ahead of time. The things that they don't have... well, I'll have to discuss what can be substitutes. It's going to be an interesting year for this cook. Haha!

Sidenote: I cooked last night and it was merely okay... I even tried cookies, and though they received approval from the family and missionaries (who were over for dinner - obviously), I still think they can be WAY better and taste more like mine... These tasted like a packaged deal - and were made from scratch? Haha! Oh well - next time! I've got plenty of time to try. Anyone who knows about cooking in Europe and has advice, PLEASE POST IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS. I want to become good at cooking here too - not only for my sake, but for the mouths I feed. Haha!

I love you muchos and miss you, and hope today is an even better day for you. You know, I think I might use this letter as a blog entry (and I did) - haha! *muah*

- Linze Kate

P.S. Turell and Chance both got on last night after I talked to you just to check on me. I have good friends. Turell gave me some talks to read, "Hold on A Little Longer" by Dieter F. Uchtdorf in this month's Ensign and "Acquiring Spiritual Guidance" by Richard G. Scott in the Conference edition. I'm gonna do that for study tonight.

This was his comment: "Linze, let's be honest. This year for you is all about "New!" Now is the time to reinvent yourself and build the new you. These experiences are meant for YOU to learn and to grow and become who Heavenly Father wants you to be!

"Pray as though everything depends upon God. Work as though everything depends upon you." Linze you are an AMAZING person! Everybody loves you! I also like President Holland's advice on things that are bothering me. If it bothers me for 24 hours, then I will try to resolve it, if it's not that important, then it will take care of itself."

Isn't that wonderful? Love it."


Song of the Day: In honor of me missing and loving all of you wonderful people I have chosen the song, "Oh, How I Miss You," by Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band... I simply love it (the whole CD really) and it is jolly enough to get you through ANY tough time! This is just the music - nothing fancy - Enjoy!

P.S. Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol?! I guess last Season WAS my last shot with that - haha! I;m glad I had the chance to do it in case it doesn't last.... Sad day. He was/is my favorite part.

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Matt and Autumn Stone said...

remember when me u and sara went to ryan shuppe and the rubber bands concert at BYU?? awwww fun times!