Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pictures Say a THOUSAND words!!! (Finally!)

I've been slacking with my posts on here, I know. It's been a bit crazy this week because I haven't been feeling on my "a-game" this week... The boys are taking turns being sick, including a really bad cold and cough with Nico this week and scarlet fever with Finni last week. Thus, I am surrounded by it, and though I have been lucky and not gotten really sick, I'm feeling a little "blech" this week. Oh well! I'm still trudging onward and having a good time here!

I started my German class this week and AGAIN was not put into the beginners class - haha! Come to find out, there is no beginners class this semester, due to a lack of space at the Haus der Familie. They said to try out the second level class and I wasn't the only one in there as a beginner.. There is one more newbie, and another girl who can say minimal things. SO, we're going to bond together and do our best! I'll skip a level and just PRAY a lot more as I study. I seriously am realizing how hard this language is to learn. I mean, I'm picking up words easily enough through conversations and everything, but sentences...? It's a HARD language to learn, write, and speak! I'll get it in time, but the lady made it very clear that it would be more studying for the beginners to catch-on and keep up. She still teaches in half English and half German, so I'm doing alright... I think. Haha!

Anyway, I have other things to report... but I'm tried. Haha! I will say that "kissing wars" are my favorite part of the day! Haha... This is when the boys attack me with kisses and see who can give me the most in a a few moments... before I'm falling off the couch and laughing too hard. Haha! Also, the funny quotes from the boys just keep coming.

"I'm ten thousand times more proud of Finni than a mother rhinoceros is of protecting her young!" - Nico

"What did you draw? Tell me about it." - Linze
"This is a cannon! This an asteroid. This is a fire! This is a fire monster." -Finni

"You have to warm the hot cocoa to be as hot as the sun!" - Nico
"That would burn my face off though, and I have a cute face..." - Linze
"You do have a cute face... a really cute one actually." - Nico
(He continued to say that I should still probably heat up the cocoa really hot so I'd make funny faces... haha!)

Also, I finally have SOME pictures! Haha... There are more and better ones coming, but I stole some of the shots the grandma has taken on her camera, and they'll do JUST fine! Apparently, I have to prove to some people that I actually moved to Germany, and I'm not bluffin' it. Haha... Thus, here we go!!! FINALLY!

This is Nicolas - or Nico - my little six-year old boyfriend... Haha!
This is Phineas - or Finni/Finn - who just turned four last week! This is me, Koko, and Grandpa Jim doing a puzzle with the boys that Finni got for his birthday!
Nico has been learning to play violin for awhile now, and he's actually getting quite good! He's AMAZING with rhythum for his age, and can catch on the pitches really easily. He's very musically in-tune to his surroundings... He hears a songs once or twice and knows parts of it - soon he'll be able to listen one or twice and know all of it, just like me! Here is Grandpa Jim reading to the boys - Finni looks like such a little stud, all relaxing there. Haha! I really LOVE that Grandpa Jim and Grandma Jennie came to visit - they're still here actually. I am learning SO much from them and we always have good conversation. I truly love them! They're my adopted grandparents - haha! Really - two amazing, good and genuine people.


Song of the Day: I'm really diggin' on this song today... Her album was a bit of a flop, and I was hoping for SO much more because she was FABULOUS on Idol (which I have been watching over in Germany - haha! I'm excited for the Denver footage!). However, this song was used on this seasons Idol episode and it IS a good one... I don't know why they chose the single they did, cause some of the other songs are MUCH better. She sounds like Pink a lot, actually... So, here's Allison Iraheta's song, "Pieces" from her first album! Enjoy!


Mike said...

Linze, I'm so glad you're doing well over in Germany. This will be such a great experience to look back on. Also, I'm sure your German will progress just fine. If I could learn Russian, you can learn German! Love hearing from you!

Autumn Lynn said...

Those kids are absolutely adorable!!!