Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quips and Quotes

So, I have been missing SO many good quotes to write down from the boys and others here… I figured I would just post a little tid-bit of their comments and a little commentary on some of them. The boys say some pretty hilarious things… I am in love with keeping track of it all when I a lucky enough to remember...

“I think you’re just my girlfriend.” – Nico

“Oh… I’ve never had a boyfriend quite like you, Nico.” – Linze

“Do you have a boyfriend? You should get rid of him…” – Nico

Sidenote: All potential suitors, watch out! For now, I'm taken and in the future, you're competing with the cutest six year-old to ever exist - haha!

“You can stay for two Christmas’s!” - Nico

“I feel like I’ve been through a food processor.” – Nico after the end of a VERY long Friday... I felt the same way Bub!

"I love you all the way to Pluto." - Finni

"Bye! I'm going to Austrailia and never coming back!" - Nico - he made the kitchen in Austrailia and made Finni "drive" the train there, which Finni was happy to do with his train whistle... Ten minutes later he said, "Linze, come visit me here... it's only the kitchen really." Thirty minutes later Nico said, "I think it's time to go back to Bonn now."

“Sorry about the last translation.” – Mike (About Sacrament mtg. translations that he and the missionaries were doing for me)

“You weren’t translating the last one though…” – Linze

“I know.” – Mike, followed by a huge smile - haha!

“You’re really easy to live with. You can stay.” - Koko

“For another week…” - Patrick

“I still have to convince Patrick.” - Linze

This is just a little taste of my life in Bonn thus far... I also HAVE to share that the boys were working on a science experiment on Sunday and decided they needed goggles to continue. Well, we don't have science goggles, so they used their swimming ones! Haha... Funny enough, right? Nope. Then, they continued to eat with them on because Nico was convinced that the food would taste much better underwater. About fifteen minutes into the meal, Nico ripped his goggles off and said he needed to come up for air. Haha!

Voltaire said, "A witty quote proves nothing..." Perhaps this is true, but they sure bring a lot of laughter and smiles into my life. Actually, Voltaire... doesn't it prove that someone has wit? Hm - I could teach him a few things... :)

I hope that everyone out there in the states, etc. is doing fabulously! Love you!


Song of the Day: A friend here showed me this new artist... Her name is Marit Larsen and she was orginially in the group M2M as a teen, if anyone else remembers their hit Don't Say You Love Me. They say other songs of hers are even better, but I haven't listened to that many... Haha! I really do love this song though, and the video is fun! So, here is Marit Larsen's, If A Song Could Get Me You. Enjoy!

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