Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day One: And We're Off!

I saw Bonn today! I also rode my bike in the snow - Yep. I as proud of myself. Haha!

So, remember how I was going to post some pictures today? I am sad to report that I don't have much to fulfill that promise... My camera lens won;'t retract and therefore, the whole camera has shut down for now. Sad day! I believe that we can solve this, but not today... or tomorrow. Come Monday, I will take some time to go where is needed and talk to whoever I can about fixing my poor Cannon Camera.

Sidenote: Apparently, this is a common issue with my camera design - suckage.

I can, however, tell you some things about what we did today! However, I think that I will wait until tomorrow for this. I'll simply leave you with the funniest moment of the day and a FEW cool pictures...

Funniest Moment
- Finn comes walking out of the bathroom, bare behind and all, and I asked, "Finn, where are your pants?" He replies, "Oh, I got tired of them. I decided it was best I took them off." So, I said to him, "Tell you what... You have to put on your underwear and your long johns at least, but you don't have to wear the pants if you don't want." He looked at his bare bum, sigh a huge sigh, and then stated, "Um... ok." Haha!

Perhaps this is not as funny to those who were not present, but it was HILARIOUS to me! He was so content. Keep in mind also, that Finn is three. Yeah - funnier now? That's what I thought.

To finish today - I will write more about the travel around Bonn tomorrow - I will show off my awesome and improving Lego-building skills. Haha! Nico handed me ONE lego and said, "Ok. Now you must build a fancy, sports car." I laughed and told him I didn't know how and he said, "Well, you should just start trying." Well, I DID and after a few attempts (he made me build three of them), I had a decent car and a nice boat! Sidenote: "I'm on a boat!" --> That was for Derek and Cami.

Yes, I just posted three pictures of amateur lego designs... don't pretend you aren't impressed. Praise is fine. I have a feeling I am going to get SO good at Legos while I am here and my own boys will LOVE me someday! Haha...


Song of the Day: This is a recent love of mine and I think everyone should partake of the fun - It's by Karl Wolf (yea, I had never heard of him either), and it's a remake of Toto's, Africa with some hip-hop beat. It raps a bit at the beginning, but then it's just R&B with a reggae feel. The video is rather scandalous, so... I posted the song with a picture of him that someone made on YouTube... Um, he has his shirt off, so avert your eyes if this offends you. Haha - Enjoy!

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The Knickerbockers said...

You are going to have so much fun. I love the pants story. So excited to hear your updates, keep 'em coming!