Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy One-Month Mark To Me!!!

Well, I have officially been here one month! Haha... I hit four weeks on Friday and I could hardly believe it. It's somewhat ironic that this week I hit my one month mark and it was also the first week that I began to feel solidified, and truly happy here. Not that I was unhappy before, but there was a bunch of combating emotions... and this week things started to settle. I have felt the whole time that this was the correct decision, but this week I finally felt peace within myself. It's a good feeling.

The first month, looking "oh, so far," back (haha), was a difficult transition for me. I felt somewhat aloof in a new space and was trying to gauge my abilities with the children, the city, the parents, my bike (I finally fell! Haha...) and my emotions... Now, it's all straight.

I'm grateful for a few things... One, I am grateful for the power of prayer. Scoff if you must, but I have concluded that there is no tool more powerful on earth than the ability one has to speak to their Heavenly Father. There were SO many moments these past few weeks that I have just felt like crumbling, and something was there to buoy me up as I prayed. There were instances of answered prayer that are undeniable for me. For example, one night I was in charge of the boys because Patrick had night duty at the hospital and Koko was out of town. The boys both went to bed around 8pm and were out... until around midnight when Finni woke b/c he needed to use the restroom and then Nico followed with a spat of huge coughing fits. Nico called to me and I came rushing downstairs to the rescue - haha! I couldn't find cough medicine, so I tried giving him water, warming it up, having him sleep on his tummy instead of his back... everything. I even called my mom in the states finally, and she had no more help to offer me. Nothing seemed to be making the coughing cease. He was still drifting in and out of sleep, but I was so worried about him that I couldn't sleep. The mini-miracle? Nico finally fell silent and asleep - we were both definitely comforted.

Another example, I dropped my cell phone in the street and didn't know I had done so... I went back to look thirty to forty minutes later and found it in the middle of the street (literally), not ran over... after a few prayers. Also, one morning I realized that I had lost my IPOD and prayed saying, "Someone else has to come across it, cause I have looked everywhere and I am too tired to look anymore." This was after the night with Nico and I was EXHAUSTED! A few moments later... Patrick walked in with my IPOD. It sounds like coincidence, but it's SO uch more than that. There are little miracles like that everyday, and I'm realizing more and more how many little things come to pass through prayer because Heavenly Father loves us.

One last one to mention, because it was so dang cute... I was riding in the rain for the first time on Friday and was keeping a positive attitude, but was wet, cold and tired, and the bike gears were being weird... it was a grouchy day where I had to force on a platic smile. Sometimes, you just have those days! Anyway, after riding the boys to their violin lesson I went to the restroom and tried to dry off... A tear or two might have slipped from my eyes - I was a bit overemotional last week at times, haha! Well, I said a silent prayer for comfort and then put on a smile and walked back into the room to wait for the boys lesson to start. Finni was smiling when I came in and reached out his hand to me. He told me to sit, sat on my lap, and said, "I love you." Then, Nico curled to my side and said, "Me too." They sat there until I was warm and they started class... and I was at peace. The little boys knew how to answer my prayer - whether they knew if they were doing that or not, doesn't matter - just that it was done.

Sidenote: I DID fall off my bike for the first time this past week, in the slush - haha! The boys were nice about it, though they thought I looked funny. However, I know I was protected on that bike from falling SO many other times. I did not fall until I was 100% fine with the idea (knowing it would happen eventually) and could just get right back up. In fact, I was surprised at how easily I got up, looked at my wet clothes, and shrugged, thinking, "Well, I'm almost home and what else can I do but get back on and ride home?" That's JUST what I did. Another mountain, conquered! Haha...

That's another thing I'm grateful for - the relationship that is growing with my Savior and Heavenly Father. I feel so much closer to them and to the goals I am making for myself. I am able to understand more of who I am and who I want to become, because I know who I am suppose to be and what I am suppose to become. I have a stronger relationship with my scriptures and the true power of STUDYING them, rather than merely reading them... or skimming them. I know that this will only continue as I am here in Germany. It's amazing.

I am grateful that Mike and the grandparents were here for my first month, during the hardest part of my transition to this new place and job. I needed someone to walk me through things, and Mike could do that regarding the city, the language, and just became such a good friend. It was good to have someone my age to talk to and hang out with. I'm sad that he is leaving this Wednesday, but I'll meet other friends, I"m sure. It's hard here, but I can do it. The grandparents helped show me a bit of how Koko and Patrick run things around the house and what they like... also, grandma gives great cooking advice. Haha! Learning to cook over here will still be a challenge I think, but I'm learning. It was good for me to have someone else to talk with here at the house and have a touch of America around me for the first bit of me being here. I really think that again, Heavenly Father knows what we can handle and wnen to give us certain trials, and certain help in our lives.

I am grateful for German bread, cheese, and chocolate. Haha! I know - this will be the bain of my existance here if I'm not careful... but don't worry. I'm eating right (better than ever before actually) and not partaking of TOO much junk. I'm being smart. Actually, I'm grateful for my bike and riding it so much! It's actually de-stressing, a great form of exersise, a good mode of transportation, and kinda fun! It's gonna be a good way to keep those crossaints off my thighs! Haha... One more time, let me give it up for German breads, cheeses, and chocolate.... Mmm!

Well, I certainly am learning a lot here, and it's only been eins (one) month! I have elf (or eleven) more to go! Crazy... Speaking of learning, German is SOOOOO hard! BUT, I'm actually doing alright in my classes. I think I might have mentioned before I am NOT in the beginners class. Nope, I'm in the second level class... eh. Yea. Haha! However, me and the other new girl are keeping up and working hard. She's probably a little ahead of me, but I'm definitely ahead of some of the others in the class, who have taken level one before.

Oh, more pictures are on their way! MY camera is currently in Chicago being fixed, and my mother will bring it back to me when she comes with Derek and Cami to meet me in London in twelve days! Boo-yah!!! It's my first of the monthly trips.... Each month I'll take some weekend trip and see another part of Europe. I've already seen England (and lived there), but I figure it's a perfect way to start and I get to see my mom. Done and done. Haha! So, thus far I know January was being in Germany for the first time, February is going England, and March is Switzerland with the family, for a skiing week! Haha... I'll have to plan the other months, but I'm thinking Denmark and Holland (maybe Poland) in June/July, France and Italy in April/May, Greece and Prauge in September/November, and we'll see where else. I'd love to go to Sweden, Spain, and Portugal too! I go to Austria in August, which is way cool, and I need to see where the family is going on there Fall trip in October, cause I won't go there... It's going to fly by so fast, and I'm living up every moment...

Today I found out about a HUGE Young Single Adults conference in Europe that people come from ALL over for, and that's in August. This year, it's to be held in Finland! I'm hoping I can make it and go with Mike and Michelle (Mike's sister, whom I already adore!) - keep those fingers crossed! Haha... By then, I can speak German too! Though I'm sure everyone there will be speaking many different languages.

Sidenote: I was wearing my new tweed jacket the other day and Nico was curling up inside of it. I needed to put it on, so I said, "Nico, let's get YOUR coat on so I can put mine on." He responded, "NO! I want to wear something an old lady would wear." Haha! When I relayed the story to Mike, he stated, "Well, the kid may be right..." He was walkin' on thin ice! Haha...


P.S. Today I walked 5 miles in the snow and sleet to Bonn, just cause I felt like walking... awesome. I am officially a European... kinda. Haha! I also bought some HOT heels... YES! Haha...

Song of the Day: I haven't put much thought in this time, but I am obsessed with this song right now... Lady Gaga's "Reloaded." SO good - my favorite of hers - Enjoy!


Ash and Matt said...

Linze! A few things.

First, why did I not know that you had a blog?! I saw your facebook status update and was quite excited my dear.

Second, I am so stinking jealous that you are in Germany. We love it there! I'm currently trying to convince Matt to take me to Munich for Christmas. We shall see.

And third, I miss you! I wish we'd been able to have the CU lunch before you took off. I suppose we'll have to settle for being blog friends in the meantime, though, eh? :-)

Sherstin said...

Linze. Oh my sweet Linze. I love reading your adventures. It brings back a lot of the same emotions I had when I moved to Ireland. It goes so fast...I'm so jealous!! Love it!!!! Keep posting my dear. I love you.