Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Am So Lucky.

I am so lucky.

I have two of the cutest and funnest boys ever in my life right now... They make me laugh and they make me smile. They say the FUNNIEST things... Like this morning when Finni decided to get himself dressed... Usually he wants a lot of help, but today he said, "I will do it alone." So, he started getting dressed... Look below, so far so good right? Keep looking down...

Haha! Yea, he didn't get stuck or anything. He merely decided he was going to pretend to be a ghost and walk around with his shirt half over his head... What was so funny about this? How funny he thought he was made him hilarious!

Then, there was Nico who saw me pull my camera out and shouted, "Let's practice our angry faces!" I said, "Nico, I don't like to be angry though," to which he replied, "That's okay. I'll teach you." Haha! So, we put on what I call our "game faces," and he thought that was downright hilarious. For some reason, it really was...
Perhaps it was the early morning, which was actually not too cold! Perhaps it was the lack of sleep because I was up watching "Modern Family" - BG, you were right... I love it. Whatever the reason, this morning we spent a good twenty minutes on sole laughter, and there's almost nothing I love more than hearing that from my boys.

I am so lucky.

P.S. I made dinner tonight again and it was a success! I know this seems pathetic to triumph over my cooking successes, but it's so different over here that it makes me happy when things turn out well. It takes a little more effort and thought on my part to cook here, because things are not as readily available. However, I'm getting better at learning to adapt recipes and just try something out. To the left is my stir-fry with fresh carrots, snap peas, broccoli, red peppers, onion, garlic, and roasted pineapple - cause why not throw some fruit in there. Haha! It was FABULOUS! Oh, and to my future husband, if you will ever be reading this, I assure you I CAN cook. Haha!

P.S.S. I NEED to write an entry about my Ensign studies... My word, I love the Conference Talks and am learning SO much right now. I feel SO different about my spiritual studies as I have been here and the way I have been studying... I am become SUCH a different person - more focused on what's important - and I really like that.

Song of the Day: I was re-watching the 4th and 5th seasons of The Hills - scoff if you must - and this song caught my attention on an episode's ending credit reel... I looked the artist up and found I loved their entire CD... They're fabulous! This song is called On Your Own, and the band is named Green River Ordinance. You should check out their whole CD though - they really are great! Enjoy!

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Matt and Autumn Stone said...

yummy!!! that stir fry looks great!