Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Das Ist Gut!

I have so much to potentially blog about, and yet I can't seem to pick a cohesive subject or direction for this entry... Mostly, I just really wanted to give you my new song of the day. Haha!

Nein, in reality I DO have many little things to record and share. First, in my language class alles prima - or everything is excellent. I'm doing well in there with writing, spelling (surprisingly), and hearing to understand... However, ich kannst sprechen deutsch nicht. In other words, I cannot speak German... yet. It's just really hard to speak and think about. The structure of sentences is SO different from English, and it's hard to pull myself away from that. For example, the way I wrote "I cannot speak German" is directly translated from German as, "I can speak German not." It'll come and I will get better, but it's a VERY hard language. I have started studying each day though, and will make myself try to speak German when ordering or checking out at a store. It's little things like that which should help me out with really learning the language. If any of you RMs have other advice for learning languages, other than prayer and the gift of tongues, let me know. Haha! :)

The boys are doing fabulously and I truly adore them... They are SO cute! They make me laugh and smile... and roll my eyes or sigh exasperatedly, but it's all great. It's all a learning experience and it all somehow brings me happiness. Let me also say that I am LOVING the weather here right now! It has been really beautiful this week - in the 40s even! I am riding my bike without gloves and without my boots on - awesome! It might not stay like this, but I'm enjoying it right now. The only thing I hate is when it starts to rain while I am riding... especially on Fridays. I have an extra long bike ride that day across the Rhine, and when it's raining, it just sucks. Haha! There is no articulate way to say it either. It just sucks. Haha.... but for now, the weather has been beautiful!

This week we had Stake Conference on Sunday, though it wasn't really suppose to be Stake Conference yet. However, Pres. Uchtdorf was addressing the Stakes in Berlin and requested they broadcast it through Germany. Thus, we headed up to Koln/Cologne on Sunday and listened as different leaders in Germany and Sister & President Uchtdorf addressed us. There was even an English translator for the general broadcast, so we got a great translation of each talk. What was interesting was that before we got there I felt that somehow my feelings about living in a different country were going to be addressed... I had no idea why that would even be the case, but I felt like I was going to hear something specifically for me.

Well, when Sister Uchtdorf got up and gave us her talk, I was instantly shocked at her words and how spot on they were to how I have felt on and off since living here in Germany. The majority of her talk was about living in America. She told the people of Germany that her plan was always to live in the US for a small time and then return to Germany, but they her husband was called to be in the Quorum of the Twelve... which is a lifetime commitment. Well, she of course was supportive and started learning more English and tried to make America more of a home, but she talked about how hard it was/is. She said that living in a foreign land is one of the greatest opportunities for growth and humility, and above all gratitude... but all this comes because it's a hard thing to do.

She spoke about how we are so much happier when we recognize God's hand in all things, including where we are taken in life's journey. She said, "God has a view from a higher vantage point." I loved that! These are all things I know, but needed simple reminders about... I am LOVING living here in Germany - I really am now. I have been loving it for awhile now, but it still gets hard and I still long for home at moments. For example, when I'm doing my Friday biking in the rain - haha! TRUE. However, I have been given an AMAZING opportunity to LIVE IN EUROPE, travel through Europe, learn a new culture and new language, and to learn how I can someday be a better mom, wife, and individual. I am learning more patience and understanding, and how to have an even greater faith in following the spirit. I have seriously been blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime, with a family that I really love and connect with, and I am SO grateful for that.

Other things that are perhaps not as deep that I am grateful for are:
- The facial expressions that Nico makes when he's making an adult comment or decision.
- Finni always wanting to kiss me on the nose and his desire to always make funny faces with me.
- The sunshine when I'm biking.
- Speaking of biking, the fact that I am trimming myself slowly, but surely, because of that bike - haha!
- American TV via Internet. American Idol, 24, The Hills, and The Office are all found on one website for me to enjoy oversees, as will be Flash Forward and Glee when they are on again - I love that. Haha!
- Skype. I can talk to my mom and other family members or friends everyday... It's really heaven and SO incredible.
- My mother's cookbook and learning new ways of cooking... though it's really hard sometimes. No joke - haha!
- Cute jewelry. I know I have talked about my love for jewelry before, but it really IS great cause a cute set of earring or necklace can keep the boys occupied for a good space of time.
- Good books... Seriously, I am returning to my love for amazing literature. I read a good chunk of each day, and am discovering new and different kinds of books I enjoy. Along with that, I am so thankful for the scriptures and the strength I get from daily study.
- Joghurt Crisp! Okay, so in my last entry I talked about my love for Corner's Yogurt - the cool yogurt from England I use to always eat... Well, upon return to Germany I was shopping at Aldi for Kindergarten dessert (we're in charge this week) and saw this yogurt chillin' there that looked like Corner's Yogurt a bit... I thought, 'I'll try it out and see if it's similar...' Oh my word! It tastes JUST like it - and I'm not remembering wrong because you can recall, I JUST had one in England. OH - HEAVEN.
- My camera! Oh my blessed camera... Haha! I really am a picture-a-holic. However, if there was a ever a thing that was a positive addiction, I think it would be the overwhelming desire to capture moments. Thus, I have FINALLY put some pictures below of downtown Bonn, where I was on Saturday.
This is the subtle tribute to Beethoven... Oh wait, there's more to that. Haha! Seriously, they LOVE him here - haha! It was his home, so it's legit. I have yet to be to the museum though...
Note the way the stores and houses just blend one right into the other... very common - very Eastern... I love it. You can't see well, but on the left side of the picture there is a random part of a castle on the side. Yea, don't worry... We have random parts of castles all over Germany.
This is the old Rathaus - The mayor's old crib. He's got a new residence now.
One of the many cathedrals around here... This isn't the most famous one, or largest in Bonn - that's on the other side of the University. However, the cathedral in Cologne is HUGE! It's the second largest one in the world, and you feel like an ANT next to it.
Below part of the University in Bonn is pictured... The University bldgs. are mostly closer together, and this one is SUPER long. Above is a shot from outside the market in the middle of the shopping streets.

Really it comes down to this... Das ist gut - Alles Prima! Things are pretty darn good.

Song of the Day: So there are a few I COULD choose, but I HAVE to choose this specific one - There's a girl who got signed after being discovered via YouTube (happens a lot more than you think now-a-days) and her first official CD was released yesterday. The entire CD is fabulous, and if you check out her site right now, it's live streaming till March 1st - but go buy it. Haha! Her name is Kina Grannis, and the video I'll show is for her single, Valentine, which you can also get free from her site right now. Enjoy!!!


Nina Sapphira said...

No idea how i stumbled onto you blog. But wanted to comment. You'll love Germany and Europe. Miss living in Germany. You'll get the hang of speaking German too.

Btw, I can't speak German yet. Deutsch kann ich noch nicht sprechen. or Ich kann noch kein Deutsch sprechen. =)

Katria said...

Remember how when you were little, it was "cool" to add "NOT!" to every sentence? Kind of like "Psych!" (Hopefully you know what I'm talking about.) Just pretend you're doing that. In German.

Ash and Matt said...

"That is good" is your title... right? Matt's trying to teach me German a little bit here and there and it is HARD. I'm so impressed with how well you're doing!

What a neat experience with Sister Uchtdorf. It's amazing how Heavenly Father answers our prayers in so many different ways. Did you see my post about Pres. Uchtdorf last month? I felt like he said exactly what I needed to hear, too, even though the meeting wasn't addressed to me.

Meanwhile, have you been down to Austria yet? Your mentioning Beethoven reminded me how obsessed they are with Mozart down there. Moral of the story? They have the most delicious little Mozartkugels that you must try if you haven't already!