Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Moments That Matter Most...

So, today was one of those days that contained some of the BEST things about being here, and some of the WORST. Haha!

Let me start off by telling you about the not so great event of the day - get it out of the way. So, I lost my U-Bahn ticket in transit somewhere between Plittersdorfer Str. and the stop before the University. I had the impression I should buy another one actually, but I thought that was ridiculous cause I had already gotten a full one. Well, the U-Bahn transportation services did a check today (first time since I've been here) and I got "caught" without one - they thought I didn't buy one - I'm sure they get my story all the time... Anyway, I have to pay 40E in 40 days and I was SO upset. I get my month pass in the next week or two, but I was still SO upset. That money could pay for a train ticket to Paris. Haha! Oh well - I know to always put my ticket in my wallet now. Done.

Even in another country, I find ways to accidentally break the law.... in America it was parking violations.... Here it's parking my behind on a train violation. Eh!

On a positive note, I had a GREAT time hanging with Mike, Michelle, and the missionaries this morning! We all went over to Mike's apartment for a final goodbye brunch and hang-out. It was really great to visit and laugh... I really enjoy the missionaries that are here - they're so funny! All of them are from America and I actually was a able to draw a connection to each one of them through our facebook friends - classic! Haha... Anyway, it was really good.

The later day continued on as usual, nothing really exciting till this evening. First, I have been teaching Nico the PB&J EFY Line Dance and he almost has it down, just not quite fast enough. He's very excited about this, so when it's good and ready, I'll video tape it and post it up here! He is so cute singing the song I taught him to remember each move. LOVE IT! Haha... Finni sings the song too, but he won't do the dance. He just runs around jumping and flapping like a bird. Haha!

Now comes the REALLY cool story!

Tonight I had the most amazing opportunity with Nico while putting him to bed. After some stories and prayers, I sang some primary songs to him and Finni. Well, part way through my singing "A Child's Prayer" he stopped me and said, "I feel like God doesn't always listen though. I feel like I feel misfortune and all of her companions around me, and I can't get her to go away." So, we talked about prayer and praying more specifically for what you need. I explained you have to ask for that comfort. So, we said a prayer and I was praying in my heart as I promised him that if he asked with faith in Heavenly Father, he would feel that comfort. I told him about the time I was really feeling homesick the other Friday, and had been crying and praying right before him and Finni came in out of nowhere and grabbed my hands, cuddled up, and said they loved me. I had prayed for comfort, and they were my angels. Heavenly Father used them to answer my prayer, and they didn't even know it. He thought that was really cool. We talked some more about how he was feeling, and then he asked me to sing some more.

After a few more songs, he stopped me and said, "You know what? I feel better. Love is like stairs... You have to climb to the top and you feel better. I was at the bottom and now I feel like I'm at the top." I replied, "Nico, you know why that is? It's because Heavenly Father heard your prayers, and my prayers, and sent you the comfort you needed. He loves you." We talked more about that and he said, "I still feel a little bit sad because mom is gone, but now I know someone can comfort me." I bore my testimony about that again, and told him he can ALWAYS pray and feel that if he has faith.

We talked some more about other examples of love and I said, "All of these things you have said have been examples of who's love?" He responded, "Christ." I said, "Yep, so you know that you can always feel love through who?" He responded with great excitement, "Jesus!" Before I went down I told him I loved him a billion million and he said, "I know... So does God. I love you too." So tender. :)

Sidenote: I just have to add that Finni DID chime in once while Nico and I were talking. His was a bit more humorous - still sweet, but, yea... He said, "We need to learn to follow God's rules." I asked what those were and he responded, "You should not bite or hit people, cause biting people's skin is mean..." I agreed and said thank you for sharing to which he responded, "Yea... I'm gonna close my eyes and go to bed now. Night."

I really love these boys... They are such a blessing in my life, even when they're being little pills. Haha! The best part is when I have had something really crumby happen in my day, and the little moments with the boys just cheer everything up for me. Those are the moments that really matter most...


Song of the Day: I have fallen in love with listening to this song while biking in the rain... Haha! It's SO relaxing... Here's Ingrid Michaelson's song, Keep Breathing. Enjoy!


Ash and Matt said...

What a sweet story. You are such a great nanny! That must be such a blessing for them. And a neat experience for you!

Bummer about the U-Bahn ticket, though. Accidentally breaking the law stinks :-)

a sunlit dreaming tree said...

beautiful and wonderful. thank you for writing about praying for comfort. i've been having a hard semester in terms of learning to be single and live my own life...and it's hard to not have someone there physically to comfort me all the time. i needed that reminder about praying for comfort from God. isn't it wonderful that your cool story could be even cooler with it affecting me? :) woot woot!

and in other news...seriously i love ingrid michaelson SO so much. keep breathing is my sad song. it's comforting. :) love you lindz! can't wait for some more updates!