Friday, May 28, 2010

Quotes, Cigarettes, and Kisses...

So, today when I was singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider to Phineas, he had a rather funny response...
"The Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the water spout..." - Me "Down came the rain and washed poor Itsy out!" - Phineas "Finn, what did you say? Did you say washed 'poor itsy' out?" "Yea, that poor spider named itsy was just washed away." "Oh, I see..."

I don't know about you, but the way I remember the song was that the spi
der was not NAMED itsy, but rather that was used as a filler verb throughout the song. I didn't correct him though... I want him to keep singing it his way. It's just too dang cute! :)

Another Classic Quote: "Nico, are your underwear clean, or do you need new ones?" -Me "No, they're clean... really clean... only, my bum feels a little crumply." - Nico

*Both boys can sing the chorus for "Break Your Heart" by Taio Cruz and "Dinosaur" by Ke$ha... Only the chorus - no fear. Haha! It's the cutest thing ever too!

Also, picture Finni showing me how to "dance like an ant" by bending and flapping his arms around the yard. It was SO funny! I also love how they ALWAYS announce when they have to go to the bathroom and what number they need to go... haha! It's too funny...

On, a more tender note, Nico and I were talking about drinking the other week and how religiously we don't participate in drinking alcohol. Well, he related back to a story of Joseph Smith when he was having a surgery on his leg at a VERY young age and refused to drink alcohol to numb the pain. Nico thought that he would have definitly used the alcohol in that instance, but was amazed at Joseph Smith's choice not to do so. Nico is also currently fascinated with the story of Ammon... He said, "Ammon was a great missionary! I'm going to be a missionary someday too. I'm like Ammon! " It's so great to see his faith beginning to form and grow... what an amazing kid, and opportunity for me to help him learn and gain confidence in the gospel.

Okay, now...

I have to talk about a something I don't understand.

First, Germany is an ultra green place - physically and economically/industrially. They spend a lot of time on education for recycling and making that happen in schools, homes, work places... They also spend time encouraging less use of cars and more biking and walking - keeps you healthier and hinders pollution rise. Germany also encourages people to to be healthier by eating right and being physically active - I see that SO much even outside the household I'm in. There are more facets to this, but I'll only name those few. So, with all the time they spend on really wanting a greener planet and a healthier life-style, why on earth does everyone feel the need to smoke? Haha... I'm just sayin' - I don't get it.

I know it's cutlral in so many ways, - ingrained since youth for many- but how can one stand there and preach "going green" and "being healthy" to people and then pollute their bodies and the air with smoke (trust me, it's never one cigarettes worth a day either). I just had to say it... If people want to choose that habit, that's fine - their choice. However, it just appears to contradictory to all they try and teach.

Okay, enough of that...

Oh, and to close out this entry of great worth and intelligence I HAD to share this photo below...
HAHA! Classic, right? I think it is especially of you're LDS (Mormon)... We have this saying we use in the church, "Choose the Right," and often wear rings with a shape similar to the shape of a shield (or the Superman "S" outline) that say "CTR" inside of them. It serves a personal reminder for many, or a religious keepsake for some. There was also a talk a few years back about "kisses and pretzels..." Anyone remember that one? Haha! Anyway, having that in mind and then seeing this picture... classic.

(I found that sticker in a local church - I believe protestant - where the boys take violin... random.)

My favorite kisses are Finni and Nico "kiss attack" kisses... I think those are safe... :)
Song of the Day: I am currently listening to the Sex in the City II Soundtrack - random, as I don't even watch the show, nor will I be seeing the movies. However, I downloaded the soundtrack after see the track list and thought, "why not?" It's actually FABULOUS - I'm in love with it. There's a version of Sunrise Sunset from "Fiddler on the Roof" - brings me tender memories of my kids from Channing Hall! - that I adore. The song I'm choosing for today is not that though... It's a song by Leona Lewis and Jennifer Hudson called, Love Is Your Color. It's fabulous, so ENJOY!

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