Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beethoven Gone WILD!

I pose a question to all of my fellow readers of this here blog... What could be better than water works, lasers, Beethoven and rock, and pop music, cold drinks from a birgarten station, projected pictures onto a "flat-screen" of water, and good friends/family all in the middle of city center in Bonn, Germany?

Okay. There are probably a few things better than that... Disneyland is pretty far up there - I think that trumps most things. I think that a few other things in life might trump this too... just a few... However, last night, it was pretty perfect.

Then, after last night I found out that it was going to take place every night for the next week. Score... I'm going again on Wednesday or Thursday. This week will be EPIC.

P.S. I ate sushi for the third time in my life, and liked it for the first time... Score, again.

Song of the Day: Billionaire, by Travie McCoy Feat. Bruno Mars - Sorry for all who heard the "F Bomb" via the one posted last night. It's fixed now.

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