Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finally Fall!!!!!

A ghost and a chicken met on the street. The chicken said, "Do you have a telephone? I lost mine." The ghost said, "BOO!" and the chicken fell over, unconscious, and lost all his feathers.

That was Nico's Halloween joke. He made it up. He looked at me after he had told it and asked, "Why are you not laughing?" In return, that made me laugh and all was right with Nico. Haha!

Fall has officially started!!! I suppose the official day it started has come and past by me, but this week it was not only chilled that way I expect and love Fall to be, but the leaves are really starting to change their color and flutter to the ground... beautiful. I was waiting to "officially announce Fall," because that means it's official worldwide or something (?), and today the moment happened...

I was riding my bike through the streets of Bad Godesberg and the Fall wind lightly blew a little whirl of leaves up from the ground and around my feet. Simultaneously, the wind gently shook the trees above me and a few leaves came tumbling toward the sidewalk. Fall is finally here.

It's beautiful.

So, in honor of Fall and it's beauty (and because I can), I am going to celebrate with a four-day trip to Prague! That's in the Czech Republic in case any of you were wondering... and I know some of you were.

I didn't know much about Prague when I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to go there - I did know it was in the Czech Republic. However, over the past few days, pouring over website and friends suggestions on what to see and do while there, I have grown ultra excited. I also stumbled across a blog by someone who is living there, and they posted pictures of the changing colors there... and officially announced Fall. That's when I determined this was a Fall Celebration trip! :) Get ready for the mass amount of picture I shall be posting next week of this beautiful city...

Also, I'm taking a night train! I have been on a hundred plus trains while I have lived here, but I have never ridden a night train... I'll be sleeping in a pull-out-of-the-wall cot, and staying in the same train for 11 hours. Crazy. It's great though because I'm getting to a city while SLEEPING IN A BED. It's sheer beauty in my mind. We'll see if I still believe this after I have been on the train for 11 eleven hours...

Since I have no Prague pictures yet, I will merely take a shallow moment to discuss something other than a beautiful cities... beautiful men. Did I just type that? Yes. Yes, I did.

I have been watching my seasons of The West Wing (LOVE) and noticed how beautiful and attractive some of the older men are. That's when I realized something... The day has arrived. What day is this, you ask? The day that I am attracted to men who are old enough to be my father. Gross.

Now, before you think I'm some sort of grandpa-loving-creeper (I do love my grandpas, but not like that... I'm from Virginia - Not West Virginia), none of you can tell me you have never been diggin' on someone older on the golden screen, or in real life - that's a bit weird to me though. If the actual older (like OLDER) man was in front of me, the very thought of kissing him would gross me out - even if he is attractive... Too old = not gonna happen. When I say too old, I mean like over 40 years old. Yea.

Thought I would clear that up.

Anyway, I have complied a list of those men who I would classify as "older hotties..." Creepy yet? Sorry. It is what it is.

Robe Lowe - 46
Denzel Washington - 56
Matthew McConaughey - 41
Brad Pitt - 47
Tim Daly - 54
Pierce Brosnan - 57
Richard Gere - 61
Mark Harmon -59

Dean Cain - 44

Okay - that's done. You can click on any name for a delicious snap-shot. Yes, I just said delicious.

Until Prague.... Caio!

Song of the Day: I am currently in love with the song Choose You by Stan Walker... LOVE! Enjoy!

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Mike said...

Can't wait until I'm old enough to make that list...