Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I love to LAUGH!

I love to laugh. 

I love to dance and sing, to smile and talk... and I love to laugh.  I love making other people laugh and watching their smiles form... It's not a matter of "I'm funny!  I'm funny!," but of bringing someone else a moment of joy.  I enjoy it when others make me laugh all the same.  My sister-in-law is six months pregnant, and the other day she said, "My little girl can grow-up to be anything and be good at anything.  She can be musical, or into sports, or whatever... I just hope she's funny."  Haha!  Really, I kinda hope so too, but mostly I hope she simply knows how to let herself laugh.  To be able to laugh at yourself or just calm yourself through laughter is a gift.

I'm glad that I was given that simple gift that has gotten me through tough times, created stronger friendships, and formed the person that I am today.

"How's your hernia?"  Linze
"Good.  It's actually a herniated disc." - Michelle
"Yea, I know... but I like to call it a hernia." - Linze

"We laughed our abs off!" - Linze... Originally, I wasn't trying to be "punny."  We really were laughing so hard our abs hurt!

"I almost hit that cat!  I almost hit him... and it was black!" - Linze

"You're not even a note in the book!" - Hailey

"We've been on a one-on-one" - Spencer
"15 minutes." - Kate
Our waiters eyes get really big and he almost drops Kate's water because he's feeling so awkward...
"He gave me a ride home." - Kate explaining to the waiter...
"But have you seen Titanic." - Hailey

"That's Hot." - Spencer

"W just have to be appropriate." - Linze
"Like in clothes?" - Kate

"Now, I will look at these pictures aimlessly for five minutes." - Spencer during out Bachelorette reenactment!

"I don't need a hallmark card.  I need a friends." - Linze (This was a serious comment, that ended up being rather humorous...)

"Wait!  You left me with a 'dot, dot, dot!'" - Spencer, again during the Bachelorette reenactment... Think: Bentley.

I just have to also put a plug in there for Miranda Hart... She is a British comedian that I have recently become quite enthralled with... She's hilarious.  She has her own show (Miranda) on BBC, but I have to search episodes out online - which is getting rather frustrating.  I merely want to watch season 2!  Is that a crime?  According to BBC regulations, it just might be.  I could write down a plethora of things she says in each show and  it wouldn't hold a candle to how funny she really is... Seriously, look her up.  If you like comedy shows (The Office, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, etc.), you'll love her! 

"Well, I think running is wrong unless professionally or as a child. I think as an adult you should only run if you're near a train station and look at your watch first. I mean... galloping is more fun isn't it? That's something I'd like to see more of..." - Miranda

Disclaimer:  For my more sensitive readers, the episode above drops the "S" Bomb once... It's near the end of the episode, so at LEAST watch the first half... SO classic! (Click on the red play and then it will turn green - click again and you're set!)

Song of the Day:  I am in love with this song, so you should love it too.  "Every choice we're makin', every road we take, every interaction starts a chain reaction. We're both affected when we least expected it..."  Nothing is pure accident. Here is "Touch," by Natasha Bedingfield.  Enjoy!

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