Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quote It Up... Again.

Okay, it's that time again... Awkward quote time!  Some of these you may understand, and some you most certainly will not understand.  Just know, they really were quite awkward and hilarious (or in Eliza's case, adorable!)...  Enjoy!

"I am sooooo happy right now!" - Linze
"What are you guys up to?" - Random Bishop in Walmart
"... Just buying a gift for a friend." - Spencer

"Okay. I'll stay little!" - Eliza

"I'll put a Belle band-aid on your heart if it hurts..." - Eliza (she was VERY sincere - haha!)

"Are you 10 or 13?  Oh, you're 80!" - Eliza

"We have four beautiful women and a munchkin!" - Random carni at the Haunted Circus... The munchkin was Nicole.

"Oh, hell... o.  Hello.  Dang it - I was in the chapel." - Your truly... I shouldn't admit that.

"Haven't you ever asked yourself, 'Was that me singing?'" - Um, me... in class.  FYI - I heard someone singing and then got confused and it all just toppled out - as always in that class.

"Then, he scaffolded me." - Stephanie during a class presentation.  YES, that's educational terminology... and yes, it was still hilarious.

"What if we clapped for every good idea like they do in the state of the union?"

"They accidently wrapped me in a blue blanket at the hospital..." - Me.

"Your mama's hooked on crack." - Someone's student (anyone remember who???)
"Your mama's hooked on phonics." - Another student
"That's the worst kind, cause we ain't got no rehab for that..." - First student... OH, CLASSIC.

"...It would be like having Asexual Apps." - Sam in class about something actually rather intelligent...
"Wait.  They have Asexual Apps?!?" - Me.
*class laughs* and I realize it was all sarcasm.... oops.
"Well, if they did Steve Jobs didn't invent them... too soon?"

"... the teacher had written 'Columbus was a murderer' to get the student's attention.  It may be true, but..." - Barb, my teacher
"That's like me writing 'Thomas Jefferson was an adulterer' on the board!  It may be true, but..." - Me.

"I love that song about mammals..." - Mari

"It's definitely like a vasectomy - just cut it off." - David

Yea - most of these I think you had to be there for, but nonetheless.... There's some quotes for the time being to keep y'all going... I think summer breeds more awkward moments and words out of my mouth. OR, maybe I'm just getting smarter with my word choice, as are others!  Ok... nope.

Song of the Day:   The Fray - "Heartbeat."  I just can't get enough of it... it's passionate and driven.  I love it. Enjoy!

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Lauren said...

Haha! I love that I was there to witness a few of these!