Friday, July 27, 2012

TIme with Em!

The past week I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my good friend Emily.  From a trip to Bear Lake with her and her fam to Lois and Clark nights at my "summer home," and closing out with a Real game to cheer on RSL against Colorado, we've been having a BLAST this summer!  Here are some highlights from the past few weeks..

 This was my first time on a wave-runner, and it was a BLAST!  We were speedin' along in sport mode and only ONCE got a little TOO crazy...
 See, Em and I spent the entire time just ridin' around at high speeds and laughing hysterically when it got super fast.  However, Dan (her brother and another friend of mine) and I got a little more insane about things... We spent the entire time trying to hit rough waves to catch air and then flip each other off the wave-runner.  The picture above is one of the MANY times I was thrown off... However, MOST times, if one went down, we took the other with us.  Haha!  The time we got TOO crazy?  I hit a turn a bit too fast and... Dan and I ended up fairly bruised and roughed up.  Needless to say, we had to stop for the day.  Oops.
 Another first of my summer was going to Bear Lake...  Love it there.
 Em getting ready to get on the wave-runner!

While we were at Bear Lake, we all went and saw Forever Plaid at the Pickleville Playhouse.  It was AMAZING!  I really loved the music (which I already knew a chunk of, but not everything), the actors, the staging and lighting... Man, they put on a GOOD show there!

Above are pictures from the Real Game (which we won 2-0!) and the beautiful Utah sunset I saw while I was there... Love it.  Plus, to end out the night, there were fireworks... behold the video below:

Song of the Day: I kind of love this song. Here is Cher Lloyd and Astro w/ "Want U Back." Enjoy... :)

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