Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ladies... Step It Up.

I agree with this picture:

Thus, I have reaffirmed in me my personal goals to constantly be bettering myself and striving to be a good person.  I'm not always a "proper lady."  Sometimes I spit in public.  I said it - it's out there now.  Yep - I do that.  However, the things that really matter, like treating others with respect and always being full of service... I do those things the majority of the time.  It's about being a lady in the real sense - through your demeanor and actions.  I try to dress appropriately and use decent language.  I mean, let's be real... When I do say "hell" it's usually to tell people my feelings on the word "hell..."  Haha!  I say it more in explanation than my actual language.  My mother would agree with that assessment. 

I was just thinking about how sometimes I get stuck in a spot with a guy thinking, "Well, he doesn't make the best choices or have perfect class, but he's a nice guy... It's fine."  It's not.  It's not the other way opposite boys - don't let girls pull that either.  We each deserve the best, and by acting the best we encourage others to do the same.  We get what we give... So, ladies - step it up, so the boys have to step it up.  Do not accept anything less.

(Sidenote:  I ain't talkin' perfection.  You know what I mean.)

My point?  If I want to attract the right "kind of guy," I kinda have to be the right "kind of girl."  I know - this is a duh.  I just liked the simplicity of this statement.  If we want chivalry, allow for it by acting like the kind of woman who would not only accept it, but appreciate it too.  I challenge myself to be more of the lady I was born to be, and the boys around me to be more of the gentlemen I know they are deep down.

You can still be sassy and be a lady, right?  Oh, yes... Yes, you can.  It's called being southern

Song of the Day:  This song is just FUN! Haha... Love it.  It's Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen with "Good Time."  Listen and have a "good time!"  Get it?  Yea?  Okay, never mind.  Enjoy!

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