Saturday, June 30, 2012


I have a new best friend... Aka: I have another best friend to add to the mix.  She's sincerely the best and SO adorable...  Her name is Olivia, and she's my new kitten.

Yep, we got a new little kitty to play with at my house.  My other cat (Frodo) passed away last Saturday, and though we were sad about it, we decided that getting a new cat right away was a good way to fight sad emotions.  So, on Monday we went out to lunch as a family and then to the Humane Society center to choose a kitten.  My mom saw Olivia and immediately fell in love.  She picked her out, and there was no chance of talking her into another option... I was drawn to a little tabby, but I'm ridiculously glad that my mother stuck to her guns and we chose little Olivia.  She is ADORABLE!  She nuzzles right into my neck and sleeps on my shoulder or next to my side... so cute.

You need proof?  Oh, here -

Yea - I have a great new bestie... :)

Song of the Day: Here is Ingrid Michaelson with"Sort Of."  BEAUTIFUL.  Enjoy!

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