Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer List 2012

Every girl (and guy) should have their very own "summer to-do" list.  This is a fact.  I don't care how old or young you are... if you're really young, you can adopt mom &/or dad's list!  I don't care what you economical status is or how transportation-accessible your life is, you can make a good list regardless of your current situation.  In fact, your current situation(s) should lead you to planning the perfect list for YOU.  Thus, it brings me back to my point that every individual should have a "summer to-do" list... and I have one ready to go for Summer 2012!

 - Tour the State Capital
 - Go see the Up house (even if I can't go inside)
 - Eat @ Porcupine Pub & Grille
 - Go to the temple twice a month June: ☐ July: ☐ August: ☐
 - Sleepover on a trampoline
 - Bonfire Night!
 - Play Horse... and preferably win 
 - Hike Cascade Falls, Doughnut Falls, and Bell Canyon
 - Play in the Gateway Fountains (with Eliza - Amber wanted to make sure I was being socially acceptable :P)
 -  Eat watermelon!
 - Tan by the pool... a lot.
 - Harry Potter movie marathon with HP foods!
 - Read the D&C start to finish
 - Blog at least once a week
 - Go to a water park!
 - Take a lot of pictures
 - Sew a tie skirt (finally!)
 - Play volleyball!
 - Take a picture writing my name with a sparkler
 - Have a dance party!
 - Ride on a boat (IN CHICAGO)
 - Modge Podge my best Europe pictures onto canvas
 - Do the "melting crayon" art project via pinterest
 - Make homemade ice cream sandwiches!
 - See Spiderman and  Dark Knight Rises
 - Write missionaries at least every other week
 - Leave someone a love note in sidewalk chalk
 - Write music to one of my own songs on the guitar
 - Make comic shoes!
 - Take a big trip! (CHICAGO)
 - Watch as many firework shows as possible... (I love fireworks.)
 - Learn to BBQ
 - Go for a bike ride!
 - Create at least three units with lesson plans
 - Read at least 5 plays and create full-scale plans for two play productions
 - Tie-dye a shirt!
 - Go to a carnival!
 - Go star-gazing
 - Create a scavenger hunt for a friend
 - Go on a geocaching date!
 - Play laser tag
 - Go to at least 2 Twilight Concert Series concerts
 - Go to a drive-in movie
 - Go to the Farmer's Market one Saturday morning
 - Take Eliza to the Zoo
 - Land a flip on the trampoline
 - Make s'mores in the backyard!

Anything I missed?!?  I know this is a huge list, but I'm ready to tackle it this summer... It's gonna be bomb.

P.S. Things with strikes through them, I've already done!

Song of the Day:  I love this band and this song.  I saw them in concert a few months back and they were amazing live... Warning: at minute 3:51 they drop the "F" bomb.  I HATE the "f" bomb, but I think this video is really amazing (concept-wise, cinematography, fit to song, etc.) and so just mute that moment if you prefer.  Here is Fun. with "Some Nights." Enjoy!


mks said...

You've inspired me. I'm making a list today!

Danielle Walton Doty said...

you go linze. glad to read that you are making good progress on your list. you're awesome. new goal...come visit danielle and meet benson :)