Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Funnies.... Lots of funnies.

Life is funny sometimes... Heck, it's funny all the time!  I laugh everyday, and I think that is vital to my personal happiness.  There is a power in just smiling and having a good chuckle.

Thus, it is time to bring back the good ol' quote-a-thon that happened monthly(ish) on my page!  Some of these are SUPER old... some are new.  Either way, they're enjoyable and give you that little laugh you might need today.  Well, those you understand....

You be welcome, girls and boys.... You be most welcome. 

"I would say yes to him on Tinder..." - Lauren

"Everyone deserves a naked room in their house... or on their porch..." - Linze

"Their breakfast better to be good.  If it's just continental, I'm going to say, 'Where are my damn eggs!?'" - Linze... said rather casually.

"WONDERBOY!" - Tim (Shouted at Bobby Redford @ my Westminster Graduation)

"Remember when you made good movies..." - Jake (said under his breathe to Bobby Redford...)

"He's no Trey Songz..." - Justin (said ABOUT good ol' Redford's speech at graduation)

"That's my grandpa.... grandma." - Linze

"Cause Gesthemene was like, a really big deal." - Paige

"I wish you were a unicorn." - Ally
"I do too - everyday." - Courtney
"Then I could ride you and play with you." - Ally
"Yes.  Yes, you could." - Courtney

"Why is she so happy about the garbage?!" - Ally (said very dryly... hilarious.)

"Yours looks like a picture... mine looks like a video game!" - Linze

"Marry a bean!" - Eliza
"Marry a STRANGER!" - Eliza/Ally
"Wait! If you don't find a husband or wife, you could marry Courtney!" - Ally

"You're not gonna marry anybody." - Ally
"Sad truth." - Courtney

"Do you like to dance?!" - Linze
"It wears me out." - Eliza
"You LOVE to talk!" - Linze
"Seems like YOU love to talk!" - Eliza (She's a feisty one!)

"The final frontier - To go where no man has gone before..." - Star Trek
"To be ridiculously good-looking? Check!" - Linze to my mom...

"People always like the stuff when I swear." - Spencer
"Well, let's be real about the content too!" - Linze (regarding accidentally going to Colorado...)

"You drove to Colorado?!" - Linze (laughing sarcastically)
"Linze.  I'm not kidding." - Spencer
"Oh...." -Linze *crickets*
"Damn you, Siri!" - Spencer

"Do fishes get parched? Yes." - Lo

"Shut up!  How does she still have a calling?!" - Courtney

"I could squat you!" - Linze

"These are like vague Facebook status updates..." - Courtney about testimony meeting :)

"You two go together - Bam!"  - Miss S (me), putting students into groups
"We 'Bammed" already though!" - A student.... who got rather embarrassed
*We were all in teary laughter pretty fast*

"I like a really manly man... who just wants to ravage me!" - Paige

"Are you destiny's child?" - Courtney

"Is that what blurred lines is about?" - Courtney

"Let me see your snap-chat! Can we snap-chat that one boy?" - Eliza
"Spencer?" - Linze
"No." - Eliza
"Isaac?" - Linze
"Is he the one with no shirts?" - Eliza
"Yep." - Linze

*Looking at our snap-chat list from the night*
"That's a lot of Isaac...." - Eliza

"I bet you're a great runner!" - Linze
"That's a stereotype " - Hilma
"I meant cause you're skinny." - Linze
"Oh..." - Hilma (She be black.)

"He's also Hispanic." - Court
"Isn't he Filopino?" - Spence
"Well, he's not white." - Court

"It's like a blast to your vag!" - Nicole

Well, there  ya go.  Enjoy!

Song of the Day:  LOVE this song... I want to cover this song!  Here is Katy Perry with "Unconditionally." Enjoy!!!

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