Friday, February 14, 2014

I'm Finally Saying I Love You To That Special Someone...

Dear Linze, 
Please bring more snacks with you to school.  I know you always think you bring enough food, but you should bring more... and more options.  I'm always hungry, and it's your responsibility to keep feeding me.

Your Body

Dear Body, 
I'm doing my best!  I have this reversal problem from most... My stomach is, in fact, bigger than my eyes.  I know - who'da thunk it?  It gets expensive feeding you and keeping you happy, bringing as many varying options as possible when I'm constantly on the run!  I'll make a mental and literal note to feed you more. 


Dear Linze, 
Be smart though.  Put those cheetos from the back closet down... NOW.  They're not helping me at all.

Your Thighs

P.S.  Your gallbladder is also whispering a thank you for not partaking in the junk food too.  
P.S.S.  Your abs say they're STARTING to feel the light... can't see it yet, but they'll keep pushing through.  

If I could show you the way I feel now compared to the past, you'd understand the choices I am making for my body.  If If I could show you the progress pictures I have already taken, you'd realize why I making the choices I am for my body.  Well, I COULD show you those pictures... yea, not happening yet.  I've made some VAST improvements on my body image, but I'm not yet where I feel comfortable showing past to present... and it's about more than those pictures.

I feel better.  I feel healthier.  I feel happier.  I know I am moving in a direction I want to stay living in for the rest of my life.  I am learning to love my body in full for the first time.  I am finally saying I love you to that special someone... and that someone is me.

Happy V-Day, you sexy beast, you.

Song of the Day:  I don't love the video.  I don't - sorry.  However, I love the song.  Here is Miley Cyrus with "I Adore You."  Enjoy and Happy V-Day to all you lovers out there - even if it's just loving who you are and who you are becoming! :)

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