Thursday, August 5, 2010

Caricature of a Character Within

These past few days I have begun to hone in on another home-making skill - sewing. I have never been a grand sewer or anything, but I can hold my own. So, when Luise said her jeans needed hemmed, I offered. I mean, I can do it, I just don't... so why not do it more and keep the skill a bit sharper? Well, for one, it's a lot more work and time than one would imagine. However, it's time well-spent and I enjoy it. That's right. I said, I enjoy it! I found that sewing has a unique calming affect on me and it keeps my hands busy, which I like. Not that I'm offering to do everyone's sewing - no, no, no. However, I like a little bit of my own sewing. I think I might even buy a pattern and fabric, and make a skirt! Why not?!

As I sew, I like to put on a film and let it play in the background... It nice and I take moments to watch sometimes. Once I've seen a film the first time, I don't like to sit and watch it again - even if I really like it. I like to do something else while I watch, so sewing is the perfect activity. Perhaps though, it takes me so long to get my sewing done because the film distracts me from time to time... but I don't care. I like it that way.

Well, with all this movie watching the question arose: what movie character are you most like? I'm not talking a look-alike contest, or some funny and sarcastic answer. Think about it. I have watched many a movie where I could relate better to the film because of a certain character, and their uncanny likeness to myself. However, if you could only pick a max of three film-depicted characters, who would you say you are truly most like ?

I found two to which I believe I hold a close likeness.

I use to say Jules in My Best Friend's Wedding, but that was merely situational... and though the situation still appears relevant in many instances, I have come to realize I am not like Jules... I'm not overly obsessive about anyone or that competitive either.

I would say that I am most like the following:

Bold First - Elizabeth Bennett (aka:Lizzy) - Pride & Prejudice

The other night as Koko, Luise, Nico, Finni, and I were watching the new Pride & Prejudice film I made a comment about how I could never have survived back then. "I'm too strong-willed, and would never adhere to their rules and social regulations. I don't believe in those status barriers and even if they exist I fight against them. I'm too sarcastic and I walk my own way..." Luise replied, "What... like her [Elizabeth]?" She was right... I'm outspoken and defying to so many social "boundaries." In SO many ways, I am a LOT like Elizabeth Bennett, but if that means I end up with my own Mr. Darcy.... :) Haha!

Second - Claire - Elizabethtown

For all of you who have never seen Elizabethtown, shame on you. It's my favorite film. Yep, if I had to pick one... this would be it. I can't describe why, because it's not some AMAZING plot or anything... but it's real to me. I like it because it's like watching life unravel before your eyes - a piece of someone's reality. I just really enjoy it.

So, Claire. Claire is a girl who is a little bit quirky and bizarre, but really connects to people. She's kinda like the one who does awkward and funny things randomly, and some might think, "This girls a bit crazy," but she just connects to people in a way that they don't care. That's how I think of myself. I mean, let's get real here... I've always been the girl with lots of friends around her, and who makes friends fast, but I'm also the girl who always makes an awkward comment or gesture, or laughs in a way that people laugh more AT her than WITH her. I'm a girl who is a bit out-of-step with the world surrounding me, and yet people tend to walk out-of-step with me for a bit.

That's another thing... Claire seems to make friends easily and make DEEP connections with people quickly, but that doesn't mean she's always surrounded by the same people. Her surroundings change often, and so do her friends - like me in many ways. I'm a girl "on the go" constantly, and while I maintain friendships that are important, I also tend to find my social circles change frequently. It's not bad. It's not good. It just is.

Quotes from her -->

"I don't know a lot about everything, but I do know a lot about what I do know, and that's people."

"Do you wanna hear my theory? You and I have a special talent, and I saw it immediately. We're the substitute people. I've been the substitute person my whole life. I'm not an Ellen – I never wanted to be an Ellen. And, I'm not a Cindy either... although, Chuck's love me. I like being alone too much. I mean, I'm with a guy who's married to his academic career. I rarely see him, and I'm the substitute person there. I like it that way, it's a lot less pressure."

--> This quote above is, however, an excuse in so many ways so she doesn't get connected too deep in a relationship... so she can't get hurt. I think I am definitely guilty of using this analogy too in order to distance my heart and emotions to stay "safe." Even if it is true to date... I'm not sure it's completely true when you meet the right person. Perhaps that makes no sense outside my head... again. There's another reason I'm like Claire.

My third, and last (because those are the rules), character comes from a television program - that can count too, I suppose (I'm making up the rules, right?)...

Lois Lane - Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

We all know I love Superman - Clark Kent - and the actor, Dean Cain. This is no secret. However, that in no way causes me to relate myself to Lois Lane... It's just a happy coincidence. Haha! Seriously, Lois is the work-oriented, driven, power-woman, who puts on a strong and impenetrable exterior, but is a hopeless romantic at heart. She knows deep down what's really important and makes an effort to keep that in minds-eye, even if she messes up from time to time. She's a writer, a winner, a comedian... and passion flows through her with every story she takes on, and every idea she believes in. She's tough to love at times, and yet, you can't help but love her. I think, my alter-ego is Lois Lane.

However, no matter how much I am like someone else in movie to some extent, I am still simply me. I am simply, Linze. If someone were to play me in a movie someday they would describe the "character to be portrayed" as... outgoing, passionate, bubbly, silly, a bit odd, funny, and perhaps a bit vivacious. They would also say that I am overly hyper in speech at time, and leadership driven - to a good and bad extent at different times. I'm sure that some would say I'm somewhat dominate and controlling... but I know how to listen and give... or at least I'm getting better at it with each day. I think they would all say I do my own thing and I'm not held back by the social "norm" or what I am "suppose to do" in life. I blaze my own trail, and I don't look back for long. I am a moving force, and sometimes I get worried over dumb things... and I tend to make awkward comments on a daily basis. I am simply Linze.

"I've never met a girl quite like you." - Drew
"That's because I'm one of a kind." - Claire

"You don't have to make a joke. I like you without the jokes." - Drew

How would they describe YOU for a movie? I normally don't care about responses, but it'd be nice to hear other's responses about their character and what how others would describe them... and seriously, not sarcastically - unless... that's who you are? Haha!

Conclusion: Perhaps these are merely caricatures of who I truly am, and not completely settled with my real characters. However, I still see myself within them, as you do with any caricature.

Sidenote: I leave for Austria in three hours!!! WOO-HOO! I'll be staying in the Alps for a few days and seeing Vienna for the first time - so excited... Pictures to come! :)

Song of the Day: Here is Imagine Me, by Kirk Franklin... Just SUCH a good song with SUCH great meaning - listen to the words... Incredible. Enjoy!


Mike said...

Hmmm...which movie character am I like? I'm not sure. For some reason, the first I thought of was Tom Hansen from 500 Days of Summer. I love that movie. I think that like him I am a hopeless romantic, and a bit too dramatic. I'm not quite as "hip" as him though. I'm too mainstream for his tastes. I should ask other people who they think I'm like, maybe.

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

Ah, I think Pride and Prejudice will always be one of my very favorite stories. You just can't help but love Lizzy and Darcy!

And shame on me for sure, because I've never seen Elizabethtown! I think I have a new movie to put on my Netflix list.

In the meantime, my dear Linze, I'm anxiously awaiting a full report on your recent trip to Austria :-)