Monday, August 23, 2010

Mariazell: Austria, Part II

So, the second half of my Austria trip was full of its ups and downs - ups being being on top of the Alps and taking AMAZING pictures, and downs being cracking a tooth in the pool. Haha! I'm going to proceed to give the reader's digest version of the trip because, truth be told, I don't wish to write out everything and there is not a TON to tell.

The day that I returned to Mariazell, it was the day after the Oma's (Patrick's mom) birthday and one of the Uncle's had a birthday the next day. So, we did a huge celebration with a slide show (that made me really realize how in the 21st Century our generation is a part of), cake, gifts, skits, and visiting time. It was nice, but I felt a bit awkward because I couldn't really contribute much to the event. In fact, as great of a time I had it was a bit awkward at moments because I was an outsider. No matter how you spin it, I am not a Merl - I'm a Struiksma. So, it was just different.

Anyway, the next day was nothing exciting... So, I'm gonna browse over it.

Friday, it was raining like cats and dogs in the mountains, and even when it let up it was prone to random sprinkling and constant cloud-cover... I would make a great weather-girl, huh? Perhaps I'll just shoot for that upon my arrival back n the USA. Haha! Since the weather was not ideal, we headed into downtown Mariazell to do some sight-seeing by walking down the streets and going into the HUGE Catholic cathedral on the hill - a retreat center for youth groups, etc. all the time. There was even a group of older, teen boys that checked in to our family center the day before we left for a retreat.

The Cathedral was really cool! It contained a bunch of old "thank you posters" in the upper wings. "Thank you posters" were people writing down bad things that had happened to them or their family, and how the mother Mary had saved them. It was kind of amazing to see that faith beyond these old Catholic pilgrims, and in SUCH a beautiful building. We also were there for part of a funeral randomly, and it was a great reminder for me of the things I believe. I am so grateful that I know I have a Father in Heaven who lives and loves me, and that I will be with Him and my family again someday. I know that. I know that, and it's a blessing to have that faith have turned to a knowledge for me. I grateful.

The following day the family split and some headed to the Gingerbread house and some to the Alpine Slide. I chose to head with those that hit up the Alpine Slide. What is the Alpine Slide you ask...? Um... see the picture to the side and just know I went down the entire mountain side, steepness and all, on that little "monster bike" scooter. Yea. CRAZY! Haha... I had a helmet, and no padding and just WENT... I could have died... but I didn't. Thus, I am here to type about it. Haha!

Before the Alpine Roller-biking, we actually took a lift up toward the peak of the mountain and overlooked the Alps... OH MY WORD. It was GORGEOUS! I was so amazed by the beauty before me. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was amazing... Everything was SO huge and SO green.... and so vast before us. The mountains just kept going and going. The pictures I have below do not do it justice.

I also went swimming a TON with the boys and cousins while I was there, including that Saturday night. The kids LOVED taking pictures on my under-water camera, and I must admit - it's pretty bomb. Haha! I'm SO glad I went with the camera I bought! However, that evening something ELSE went down... Guesses as to what happened?

Yep. I had a giant, hard-plastic crab chucked at me by one of the cousins (on accident of course - the girl felt awful) and it split my lip around and chipped my tooth. I have to get the number for a dentist now that I'm back in Bonn and my lip is healed, so that I can get it fixed. Boo... a crumby way to end, but overall... Meine ferientag war ser schon!

Next entry - Melissa's visit to Bonn!!!

Song of the Day: Here's a new jam and artist I am lovin' on... Just The Way You Are, by Bruno Mars. He's got a great voice and style... I love it! Enjoy!


Mindy said...

Ah! It's just so gorgeous!!!

Cami said...

Linze, You are looking so good sister! Seriously! You look healthy and hot. I miss you. A lot. I thought about you a ton this week. I am glad you are having fun, but I can't wait to see you when you come home. In fact, we got a 2 bedroom apartment so you can come and visit whenever you want!
Okay. I love you. Be safe. Sucks about the chipped tooth, but I bet you work and rock it.
Peace out sister.

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

Bummer about the chipped tooth! Kind of crazy that it came from a plastic crab and not roller-biking down a mountain haha. Their version of the Alpine Slide blows Park City's version out of the water!

All of those pictures of the Alps are absolutely gorgeous. And I love the one of you jumping! It's so "Linze" and you look amazing in it :-)