Monday, August 30, 2010

A Day at the Zoo!

I love lists. I love charts. I love calendars. I love anything where I get to "tick-off" days, times, or things that have been completed. It's a fulfilling feeling, and it's fun for me... weird, I know.

Last week, Finn completed his "stay dry chart." I created charts for both boys where they would work on different things and earn check marks each day they completed their "daily goal" for the chart. Finn's chart was regarding him no longer wetting his pants. He is completely potty trained, but he gets distracted. He knows he has to pee, but then doesn't want to stop playing, so he lets it go till it's too late. However, with this "stay dry" chart I have successfully trained him to pay attention to his body and let someone know if he has to pee if he can't find a bathroom himself. He had to do it for two weeks solid not counting the weekends (though he stayed dry for those too), and I really feel like the problem has been solved. Every kid has some accidents, but as long it's not a lot, it's understandable. This was all the time, and now... it's not.

Anyway, for "staying dry" Finni chose to earn a trip to the zoo in the end. The day after his time was completed, I geared up Phineas, Nicolas, and their friend Finn (another one) to head to the zoo in Koln. The zoo in Koln was actually REALLY nice and quite big! We got there around 12:30pm and spent a little over 5 hours there. The boys hadn't been there in FOREVER, so they were really excited. We saw bears, flamingos, water hogs, hippos, elephants (my favorite, and there were a TON of them -even a baby!), penguins, fish, frogs, crocodiles, zebras, tapirs, gazelles, and tons of birds... and more! We got brawts in the park and ice cream, and I packed apples and carrots - I felt in SUCH mom-mode right then. It was perfect...

Plus, true to European style, there was a HUGE and amazingly structured playground area near the back of the zoo. The park had room to run around and places with shade and sun depending on what you wanted. There were giant slides, bridges, and even an old train engine... it was cool. Places for parents to sit down were where they could still see their kids. It was great cause we had seen most things, then they had a break to just play and chill for an hour and a half, right next to the elephants... So, I got to watch the animals and the boys while calling my mom. It was a nice break in the day and just fun.

The train rides were long and the day at the zoo was long, but the boys were great nearly the whole time. When they started to show signs of tiredness that's when we loaded back onto the bahn for an hour ride back home. I let the boys fall asleep - well, the two Finns... Nico hardly ever takes naps anymore. I played "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with Nico for about 1/2 an hour, but it quickly turned to a creative version where someone would say, "It's dynamite. You explode!" or, "It's a dinosaur coming to eat you. What's yours?" (That was Nico.) My reply was, "It's the comet striking to planet to make the dinosaurs extinct." Haha! My favorite:

"Mine is a tree, falling down on you!" - Nico
"Mine is a traffic light... I don't know why." - Me
"Well, your's isn't really alive... so it can't die. You win." - Nico
"Wow... I would've given that to you..." - Me

Haha! I love these boys!

Song of the Day: Here's the newest song recommendation... I found it on a new show I'm obsessed with - White Collar. Um, SO good! Haha... I really like that crime-fighting and CIA or FBI stuff though. See if you dig it... For now, just dig on this song from one of the episodes - Shane Alexander's, "Feels Like The End." Enjoy!

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Jeanette said...

this makes me miss you the most. your creativity is my favorite. i love you.