Saturday, October 13, 2012


"I'm sorry that people are so jealous of my blog... but I can't help it that it's so popular..."

 Okay, okay - that's not the EXACT quote.  I changed it up a bit... My friends and I quote Mean Girls WAY too much.  Well, CAN you quote Mean Girls too much?  Perhaps not.

Point is, I'm entering a contest called "Rate My Blog" from and I'm pretty sure mine is the cutest blog on the blog... Thus, I thought I'd humbly say so right off the bat.  I mean, I'd be stoked to win because - CUTE BLOG=CASH.  Yep... and I could definitely use some more of that for my last semester of Grad School.

Anyway, I'll be putting the link up shortly to vote if I "make the cut."  For now... just enjoy sifting through the most recent entries and the AMAZING song below!

Song of the Day: Here is Colton Dixon's single "You Are."  LOVE this! Enjoy!

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