Monday, November 12, 2012

Shiz My Friends Say...

Title courtesy of Spencer... :)

It's that time again - get ready for some amazingness to ensue below.

OLD QUOTES (aka: last year):
"That bedazzled Jesus... that's six minutes of my life I can't get back." - Cami

"Knock, Knock..." - Linze
"I don't even open the door!" - Derek

"I'm use to saying it's sacrilegious, Cami..." - Linze

"Then we're gonna flip em' off!" - Cami

"Are we having a special needs Christmas?" - Derek (I think...)

"Your nickname is Panda Express..." - Sue Sylvester
"But I'm not Chinese."
"Neither is the food at Panda Express.  Now, Panda... make it happen." - Sue Sylvester

NEW QUOTES (aka: ones I remember a bit more):
"Right or wrong don't matter in the woods!" - ITW with Kortni...

"Siri, are you gay?" - Kylee, to her phone
"We are talking about you, not me." - Siri
"Are you a lesbian?" - Kylee
"No comment." - Siri

"I think I have herpes..." - Kylee to Siri (her phone)
"Don't apologize." - Siri

"I just said that in the chapel on Sunday!" - Linze

"The last one I always have trouble with and that's thinking..." - Michelle

"If you hurt her, I'll crush your scones." - Aria (from PLL)

"You're like a bad Edward Cullen." - Michelle

"I'm a little wet." - Linze

"I think we're gonna be great friends." - Spence
"Because we'd be gay!" - Kylee

"Here it is - 'Shiz my friends say!'" - Spence

"My eyes are all blotty." - Kylee
"It's a lesbian thing." - Linze

In regards to her instagram name, "It's kkk.... I set myself up for failure all the time." - Kylee

"That's what happens when you're friends with Spencer and a dyke." - Linze

"Thanks for coming!" - Spencer to my mother... at my own house.

"I've heard you have a really pretty... Nice voice." - Kylee
*SUNG* "Thank you!" - Spencer

"God listens to the prayers of lesbians." - Spencer
"He works hard on us." - Kylee (see how quick she is... that's why we're friends.)

"Put it under your crackle." - Lindsey

"I need a knife." - Meech
"Tottie's kids have one." - Karin

"I edit drinking, you edit sex." - Linze

"He really is more attractive eating an apple." - Meech
"I'm gonna practice on the way to work." - Linze

"She needs pinterest." - Linze
"That's really what it comes down to." - Lindsey

"Linze, something bad! A Utes truck!"
- Eliza

"I guess red bull really does give you wings..." - David

"I've never texted a black before..." - Annonymus
"Wow.  First, don't text him that...." - Linze

"No. That one's not funny!" - Linze
"Cause you said it." - Kylee

"Is that how you... you know?" - Lindsey

"If you had some whit sunglasses you could." - Ryan

"Are you bating?" - Spence

"He uses the word toolier..." - Kortni

"If I could just birth a four year old, that would be great... but it would have to just walk out, cause there's no way I'm pushin' that thing!" - Linze

"It had a HUGE rack!" - Linze (about a deer!)

"Brinna is to hot as Linze is to smokin' - check that analogy!" - Yours truly.


Song of the Day:  Of Monsters and Men, "Little Talks."  I adore this song and this band... Love the new find. Enjoy!


Kortni said...

Lesbehonest, our friends are the best!!

Kortni said...

Lesbehonest, our friends are the best!