Monday, July 1, 2013


It's July already.  JULY.  Where in the heavens did June go?

I know that June held a lot for me and I accomplished some major goals, as well as checked off some huge things from my Summer List 2013.  I graduated from Westminster College with my Masters and landed my first teaching job a month and a half before graduation teaching half English and half Theater at Alta High School.  Yea, if you didn't know I am hired to teach full-time English and then was asked this past week to teach part-time English and part-time Theater (the beginning Theater I & II classes), creating a full-time position.  I am SO excited!  I will be helping with the after-school program and even directing the Spring production of The Giver - SUPER stoked about that!  It's gonna be good...

Also in June, I went skydiving and saw the "delicate arch" for the first time. I took a trip to LA with my two best friends where we took a beach day, went to Disneyland, and saw the Hollywood Bowl pre-night rehearsal with Aerosmith (AH-MAE-ZING).  In fact, I think I should share some pictures from the experience:

 Right off the flight, catching the LA sunset!

 A Day in Disney!

Our FAVORITE ride!!! 

We're tacky.... We know. 

 Drivin' around LA together.... Yours truly was the driver for this vacay and I must say, I maneuvered quite well through LA.  It was not the first time at this rodeo.  
 The Hollywood Bowl!  A concert for about 50 people in a stadium holding 18,000+ normally! 
 Chillin' outside the LDS Redlands Temple
 Beach Day!!!

A night on the town for clubbin'!  I lost my ID and credit card while in LA 
(NOT fun, and I felt terrible for making Court and Spence handle that - they were champion best friends... even when I burst into tears.  Yes, I did burst into tears back at the hotel room, randomly an hour later.)

June was fabulous... seriously, a great start to my summer!  Something that made it even better was when my brother and little niece, Zoey, came to UT to visit!  I was SO excited to see them and spend time hanging out with them.  I simply wish that Cami would have been able to come too!  I love that girl... :)  Here are some pictures from that amazing week:

 Jurassic Park in 3D and World War Z in 3D the next day - Yay for movies!

Hipster Night.  We liked it before it was cool to like hipster night... 

Playin' with my adorable niece... freakin' love this girl and her babbling, sing-songy self.  

June was amazing.... Here is to an even more triumphant July!  Bring it on, summer 2013.

Song of the Day:  OBSESSED with this song... I heard it in LA first and Shazamed the junk out of it.  Here is Lorde with "Royals."  SUCH a cool, smooth song.  Enjoy!

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