Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer 2013 - Best One Yet!!!

Each year I take the time to create a list of things to do over the summer - I kinda have this Type A personality where I love to make lists and cross things off.  Yes, it's a bit sick... I embrace it.  I find joy in making and completing lists!

Thus, with no further ado, here is my Summer List 2013:

 - Graduate from my Master's Program!!! (JUNE 1ST!)
 - Go skydiving (JUNE 8TH!)
 - Tour the State Capitol (still have not done this!)
 - Attend mass or a recital in the Madeline
 - Attack someone's driveway with chalk... :)
 - Start (and continue) a water-balloon fight!
 - Take Eliza to the zoo
 - Be Draper City Kickball League 2013 CHAMPIONS! :) (I feel it...)
 - Go in a human-hamster-ball!
 - Take a zillion and one pictures
 - Learn three new songs on the guitar
 - Read a book each week!
 - Go ice-blocking (never been!)
 - Play a lot of volleyball.... and football... and sports in general.
 - Beat Lauren in a game of HORSE.... I dream big.
 - Learn to catch a long distance pass in frisbee
 - Go to the drive-in movies!
 - Make homemade popsicles
 - Bake cookies with Eliza to take to her neighbors
 - Wash someone else's car for them!
 - Stage manage Stadium of Fire (happening again!)
 - Go for a bike ride.... find a bike first....
 - Get a snow-cone!
 - Tan by the pool.... a LOT.
 - Go camping
 - Go rock-climbing!
 - Have a bonfire and roast mallows!
 - Make smoothies
 - Go to the temple each week -June: ☐ July: ☐ August: ☐
 - Eat a lot of watermelon, strawberries, and just fresh fruit
 - Have a BBQ party
 - Go to at least three Twilight Concert Series events!
 - Lesson plan like CRAZY for next year....
 - Set up a basic design and blocking for The Giver script
 - Go on a mini-golfing date!
 - Hit up a driving range (first time!)
 - Run around The Gateway fountains with Eliza
 - Do the batting cages at Boondocks or Trafalgar
 - Go star-gazing!
 - Outdoor movie time
 - Go to the 7Peaks - a LOT.
 - Go to California and DISNEYLAND!!! (JUNE 19!)
 - Late night Sonic shakes... :)
 - Go long-boarding!
 - Make friendship bracelets with Eliza
 - Hit up a concert or two!
 - Hike Bell Canyon and go on at least three other amazing hikes!
 - Go geocaching and place a new box somewhere
 - Run my fastest mile time!
 - Bench 150lbs.
 - Parking lot DANCE PARTIES!
 - Randomly leave love-notes for friends on their doorsteps and cars... I love spreadin' the love!

Can you think of anything else I should add??? Let me know and let's make this summer the best one yet!!!

Song of the Day: Want a smooth summer jam to rock to in the car... or during a parking lot dance party? :)  Yea, here's a good jam to move to or just drive to... I prefer to drive and move.  Just sayin'. :)  Here is Robin Thicke w/ T.I. & Pharell singing "Blurred Lines."  Enjoy!

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C&C said...

Your list is awesome. And it makes me feel like I have become the most boring person alive! Please make sure you get your snowcone at Hokulia Hawaiian Shaved Ice across from Helaman Halls. Best thing ever. Skydiving is amazing, you will love it. Love you!