Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Sometimes we write on our blogs to make a grand statement or announcement.
Sometimes we write in our blogs to express emotion or opinions.
Sometimes we write in our blogs to record an event in our lives.

Today, I write in my blog simply to express gratitude for the past few months.  I've been a blessed girl.  I can truly affirm that Heavenly Father knows WHAT we need WHEN we need it... I truly hate waiting on the Lord's timing (sorry - it's true), but I know He has it figured out for me better than I have if figured out for myself.  This past few months, what have I really needed?  A solid, genuine, trustworthy, loyal, and real best friend.  I've just needed someone I can really 100% talk to about anything and who supports me and vice versa - no matter what.  A friend that stands up for me... and makes fun of me when deserved (Habatchi - need I say more? Nope.). A friend who can make me laugh when I'm upset or calm me down when I'm being irrational.  I have that right now, and that's pretty awesome.

In a hard time he says...

"I don't want to be human." 

My reply...

"Well, zombie is much less attractive... but I'll see what I can work out for ya."

Our convo on the matter...

"Zombies are awesome.  All they want is to eat brains. I could live with that. No heart = no pain."
"And no excitement either... You'd cease to be witty!"
"That sounds like a fair trade though."
"Well, not for me.  Sorry - I need a best friend.  No zombie-life for you."
"And that's why I wouldn't make the trade.  You're welcome."
"Thank you for not becoming a zombie for me."

How awesome are we?  Yep - you're jealous.  Sorry, but... thou shalt not covet.
Our friendship is pretty epic.

I have the best friend in the world.  We understand each other in a way no one else can - on both sides.  It's a bit scary how much we think alike.... We're not the exact same - we harbor differences and different opinions or interests.  However, we THINK alike and just get each other without even using words.  It's pretty amazing - and I just needed that right now.

*Dropping me off*

"Hey, well I'll see you..."
"Just everyday for the rest of our lives."

Sidenote:  Can we take a normal picture?!  I think not.

I'm a lucky girl.  I just felt like I should say, THANK YOU.

P.S.  Sorry if this at all seems somewhat sappy - I'm just grateful.  I think it was fine till the song, right?  Eh - oops. Hahaha....
P.S.S. Also, I think the song might be slightly about Jesus... I'm not in any way trying to steal the limelight - FYI. :)

Song of the Day: Without getting overly sappy, I think this song fit appropriately for this entry.  Here's a little Boyce Avenue and Michael Jackson with "Will You Be There." Partake in both or whichever video makes your heart happy... Personally, well, I jam to both.  Enjoy!


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