Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Said THAT?! #Oops.

Round 587 of quotes..... ENJOY.

"I need people to back up so I can back-it-up!" - Linze

"I sustained them from the pool." - Linze
"We sustained them from the pool-pit!" - Spencer
*Crickets while I we alone died of laughter...*
I thought it was really funny. :)

"Have you heard of Temper Trap?" - Linze
"The temperature?" - Spence
"Temper Trap..." -Linze
*Taking his earphones out completely* "I thought you said, 'Do you have the temperature app?!'"

"We can sing ALL of the Wicked soundtrack!" - Linze to Spencer
Together: "... AND MARK CAN'T STOP US!"

 "Hell, Damn, Shiz, Bi%*@!" - She shall not be named, but it was CLASSIC! Clean that mouff out, girl!  Hahahaha...

"This is dangerous...." *BOOM* - Spencer
The chair back collapsed.
"Be careful poolside!" - Mama Minnick

"I guess my butt just needs to go in the crevas..." -Spence

"This is slow as Moses!" - Spencer
".... Molasses???" - Linze

"You can't ribbon to this - you need whips!" - Spence

"I'm going to therapy before I come up there." - Spence
"Oh ok.  Well, take all the time you need." - Linze
"By therapy, I mean tanning." - Spence

"I can do this ALL DAY!" - Derek and Cami... and now me... and all because of THIS:

"Man everything is quoted off pinterest.... God is Pinterest.  Quote Him." -  Yours Truly during RS...

"He didn't know how to spell commitment... That's why it's all jumbled together up there." - Court

"I'm not trying to be unspiritual, but all I could think of was damn and douche...." - Truth.

"Don't say my name!  I know who I am!" - Leslie :)

"If you're a polygamist and you can't get married..." - Mark

"You could catch-up..." - Linze
"I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the 20 points that separate us!" - Natalie

"I'll be Hitler." - Ashleigh

"They have peanuts to munch on." - Michelle
"They have what?!" - Me.

"Do you want a ratio?!" - Spencer :)  (I love that he's my best friend - hahahaha!)

"Maybe I could bloom here?!" - Linze

"Fine. You don't have to wear a suit." - Spencer
"Damn straight I don't have to wear a suit!...... Sorry.  I get feisty on Sundays." - Um, me. :)

"First World Problems." - Spencer

Speaking of first world problems, check the video my brother sent me... I love him.

Well, that gave you a good glimpse into the last few weeks of my life... It's been a good month.

Song of the Day:  Well this should be SONGS of the day... Here are some of the best jam-out songs of 2012 in ONE!  Yep - In an epic remix.  Here is "Pop Danthology 2012" with a myriad of amazing jams - check it! (The video is REALLY cool too!)

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