Monday, May 13, 2013

20 Down.

I feel like I need to record this somewhere, and so where better than your blog?  Don't say a personal journal because it's not THAT personal... no fear.  I am writing to express my deepest excitement at being another few pounds down and below my post-Germany weight... and it's 20 pounds down from last year.  I feel like I can finally post it because I've stepped on the scale and consistently seen that number.  It's the lowest I've been in a long time and I'm just ecstatic, feeling great, and super proud of taking the appropriate steps to make myself healthier, happier, and more ready for physical challenges.  I know I don't look drastically different and still wear some of the same clothes... but they're looser. :)

My muscles are more firm and I'm enjoying working out - I sometimes.... SOMETIMES... even enjoy running.  Well, that might be pushing it.  Haha!  Honestly, I prefer weight training and cardio through sports.   However, I went running Sunday just because I wanted to, and though I was dying a bit, I enjoyed the run/walk/run cycle quite a bit.  I know - shocked me too.

I feel really great about where I'm at - I'm a happy woman, and if you though I was confident before, I'm feelin' pretty dang confident now.

Song(s) of Day:  I saw The Great Gatsby this weekend (props to Mr. Luhrmann) and loved a lot of aspects about the film.  I was not a fan of the book in HS, but I think that's because I had a hard time with disillusionment within literature because I didn't understand it in many way.  I didn't have the easiest childhood, but I didn't understand the disillusioned aspect of happenings in my life.  Anyway, I enjoyed the film and LOVED the soundtrack!  I've been listening to it like crazy all day!  Here are two songs from the soundtrack that I adore... First, Lana Del Rey's song "Young and Beautiful."  It's pensive, haunting, and beautiful.  Second, here's a more upbeat track from with "Bang Bang."  ENJOY!

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Amanda K said...

I saw a picture of you the other day on Facebook, (yeah, I stalk you) and thought how great you look. Way to go-- 20 pounds is a huge deal! Carry around a 20 pound kid for a day and you'll realize what an incredible accomplishment it is!