Sunday, May 12, 2013


There is one other individual in particular who I feel like I should really say "Thank You!" to in my life right now... I have MANY good friends, and feel very blessed for all of you.  I am beyond thankful for the hours and hours you spend talking with or hanging out with me.  I'm grateful for the effort you put forth in being my friends and confidants.  Eventually I will blog to ALL off you, but for now I need to say one additional thank you to this particular individual and my Heavenly Father for placing her in my life.

I just recently took the time to write about my bestie, Spence, and how he has been such a God-send for me in this past year of my life.  I also feel the same about Miss Jaegs.  She has been there for me through a lot in in the past six-ish months and always willing to spend time and effort on making me happy.  I have found a true friend in her and know that I can count on her to always have my back.  She is up for any crazy thing and helps me not look like too much of an idiot - haha!  She is great because we can have hilarious conversations about frivolous things and then have serious, meaningful conversations about life, decisions, the gospel, and how we're feelings.  It's the perfect friendship for me and she has sincerely grown to be a best friend.  I  know that I can always count on her... and that means the world to me.

Court - I look up to you A LOT!  You have no idea the example you are to me each day.  You have no idea how much I just want to be like you in so many ways.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and for putting up with my bits of crazy.  Especially since half the world thinks we're lesbians... well, maybe just your mom... and those people at the Sunday party... We LOVE men.  A LOT - FYI world. :)

"In Utah, we do what we want!"

Again, I'm a blessed girl... I should be more thankful.

Song of the Day: This is for Court, so... Here is an anthem she fixed me up with awhile back.  Here's Megan and Liz singing "Bad For Me."  Love it. Enjoy!

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