Sunday, September 15, 2013

Part II: 8 Months to Sexy!

So, I have been on this slow and steady get-fit-plan entitled "8 Months to Sexy" (yes, I made up that clever name - hold the awe...) for about six weeks now, and I feel fabulous!  I still second guess myself here and there and wonder if I'm making any real progress, but FINALLY this week I started to see the progress come together in little ways and feel more confident about my choices.  I took pictures every other week, and this week I noticed my back rolls are starting to melt and some areas are growing more defined... I have realized that it's going to take a long time and I need to be realistic and understanding with myself and my body. Here are the main things I have come to know about this journey:

1.  It takes dedication and desire.  Where there is a WILL, there is a way.  Where the will lacks, so does the way.... I don't think I really understood that concept until now.  I have to WANT it and go after it for myself - NOT for anyone else.  Again, that's why it's working this time.  I really want this for myself.

2. It takes a lot of hard-work.  I workout at LEAST five times a week, but almost always six times.  I do weights, constantly upping the weight limit and reps.  I do cardio, which near about kills me if I fail to use my inhaler beforehand.  #stupidchoices... I have to really push myself or I don't see results as clearly or quickly (and quickly still means slowly... but quicker.).  The days I have failed to push myself hard are the days I actually want to cheat more.  Which brings me to #3.

3.  It takes self-control.  I have learned that "cheating" does nothing but hurt me... No one else really cares.  No one.  I have to be the one to care and stay true to the diet and workout plan I have established for myself.  I really have been shocked at my ability to have such self-control!  Have I cheated?  Here and there, yes.  Have I cheated a lot?  No.  My "trainer" told me this analogy the first day working out with him, and it has stuck with me --> "Each day you dig a half-foot deep hole.  Your goal is to dig 100 feet down.  If you eat crap you fill the hole back up and are back to where you started the next day... Or you can already have dug the first part and keep adding to that hole.  It's up to YOU."  He probably said it more eloquently, but you get the gist.  I really have striven to maintain a diet that is healthier, low-carb, and makes my body feel better.  I can tell you already that my taste buds HAVE changed and I have learned to appreciate things that aren't as sweet.  Eating out is fun, but of the handful of times I have, I've always felt a little blech the next day.  As I use self-control, I feel healthier and thus, happier with my body. Plus, it's a goal skill to retain for ALL things in your life - moderation and self-control in all things!

 4.  It IS fun!  I feel good about myself, and though I have always been confident (Surprise!  Shocker.), I feel more confident about my body and self-presentation.  I carry myself differently already and I'm excited to see that continue to change.  I enjoy working out!  Seriously - find what is fun for YOU and learn to ENJOY working out... Otherwise, it will NOT stick.  I find that doing cardio circuits is best for me and that I have to have loud music or be in cardio room (movies!).  I find that for weights, this is more my sanctuary... I actually have learned to enjoy cardio, but I really like weight training and the feeling of pure exhaustion after... It's oddly relaxing.  Weird?  I know.  It's also fun to see the progress you have made and hear people make comments about your new body and attitude.  It's fun to have people ask about recipes and progress, and to try on old clothes and see how differently they fit you.  It's fun to set a goal, reach it (or get a step closer), and set a new goal for yourself... It's fun accomplishing something.

5.  It takes patience.  Be patient with yourself and with those around you that tempt you with deliciousness.  Haha!  They're all getting use to your lifestyle change as well.  Plus, you have to realize that everything TAKES TIME.  Things truly don't happen overnight.  Also, don't compare yourself to others.  I have a friend who just loses faster... I am making the right choices, but her body is just losing quicker... That's okay.  It's not all about weight loss - it's about how you look and feel.  I may not be losing as much, but my goal is also to build muscle and define.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so some weeks I don't really lose much or any.  Her goal is different, and so her workouts and results are different.  Just make good choices in diet and exercise and your body WILL catch-up and react.  Give it time, and practice patience.

6. I am healthier and happier.  I was happy before, and I will be happy in six-months from now whether I am more fit or not (though, I will be).  I believe that weight and such does NOT make your happy or unhappy - or doesn't need to make you unhappy.  I loved my life six-weeks ago, a year ago, and before that time!  I am simply saying that being healthier means I have extended mobility, more energy, and a clearer mind... and those things make me HAPPIER.  Not happy in general, but happier.  I'm not gonna lie, seeing my rolls diminishing and more muscle definition in my arms and legs makes me a bit happier too... It's not about being sexy in a sex way - despite the connotations behind the title of my journey - it's about being sexier because I'm healthier and even more confident.  Sexiness is confidence.

My next few entries will be all about recipes that are helping me to get to where I need to be.  Take them for what you will, but I say, why not try em' out and see if you enjoy them. Even if they sound bizarre - I thought so too with a few of them.  Even if you're not on a health journey or trying to lose weight, why not treat your body to some healthier choices and gain more energy?  Just give things a shot and see what works for YOU in making yourself healthier and happier. :)

Song of the Day:  There are SO many great ones right now in my life... Hm.  Let's go with Drake's song "Hold On, We're Going Home."  I adore this song and it's chillness when I'm driving with my windows down in the evening or sitting by my window on a rainy day.  Enjoy!

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