Wednesday, January 9, 2008

In Honor of Creation...

I have been holding off for quite a long time in creating an online blog. I have a journal at home that I write in regularly, so I figured that a blog was just another way to draw attention to myself and my feelings. This can be bad for two reasons... One, I already have a million sets of eyes penetrating my every move. I don't mean for it to be that way, and I don't hate the attention, but I don't need any more... especially if I ever choose to talk about my feelings. I kind of harbor issues of fear when it comes to expressing emotion. It is in now way to an unhealthy extent, but nonetheless, I hate to talk about how I feel... It must have developed from having three older brothers.

Regardless of the above, here I am writing in my SECOND blog in my life. Yes, I had one previous to now. I had a blog in High School that was somewhat well written, but childish... It is still out there somewhere, but I have no desire for anyone else to read it. Partly, for the reasons listed above... too much emotion was instilled in those pages from too long ago. I'll probably use this blog as an informative page along with my emotion, but I'm a lot different now... Haha! Somewhere with the mess, I somewhat grew up - weird. :)

So, here I am; a twenty-two year old about to graduate in Theater and English at BYU and loving every moment... I have been blessed with a lot of wonderful opportunities here and with some great friends. Blessings beyond reason for a girl like me...

Painting pictures,
The paint finally dried upon the canvas...
Nothing set in stone.
The picture ever changing,
Free to do so.
Freely scripted words flow through the picture,
Creating a unique form of art... a description.
A life.


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