Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pictures Say a Thousand Words...

I should be going to bed right about now as I will be subbing for third graders all day tomorrow... meaning that I will be up at 6:30am - blech! Haha... Eh. It makes good money and once I wake-up it is actually a lot of fun and very rewarding... Anyway, enough of that. I am actually writing because I wanted to figure out how to create a post with pictures... I eventually had to have someone explain it to me via telephone. Eh - haha!

So, here are some memories from this past year... a picture collage entry, if you will:

Here is the group of SHA Executive Directors and our VP at Outback Steakhouse for our final dinner of thanks for all the hard work we put into making this past year a great one... These seriously are some of the BEST individuals that I know!

This is some of the Bakersfield's crew with me at one of the many Men's Volleyball games we attended this semester! This is the first year we didn't get to travel to Cali to see them play - sad day!

Happy Asian - Definition: the classic "Linze" sign whenever she is speaking to friends, large groups, and even in church when she is giving a talk. Yea.
It has currently spread to other individuals and other states within this country - since it is "happy asian" we recognize it is already an international symbol.

This is me and my best friend doing the beloved "Linze sign" at P.F. Chang's for her 22nd Birthday Luncheon!

This is me and some of my closest friends at the National DanceSport competitions held here at BYU - How blessed can you be to be able to see some of the BEST dancers in the WORLD come here to compete?! Yea... pretty darn lucky.

My favorite: Amature Latin Competition... SO HOT.

This is the Adam N' Chance crew at Bamboo Hut for our victory party... Note that I am STILL wearing Green!

I love that we're right in from kissing the new President and the Vice is right behind shruggin' it! This picture is simply, CLASSIC.

Wow, I feel so crafty from putting a few pictures up on my blog... I guess I am a simpleton if I prove to be so satisfied from being able to post pictures of me "being me" on the internet for the world to view... yea.


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