Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dreams Really Do Come True!

Haha... Let me explain. It might not be my BIGGEST dream coming true, but I am pretty darn excited about my life right now!

Thursday night I went down to Provo for my friend's birthday party and too see some good friends. We had a good time just talking and catching up, as well as dancing a bit around the living room... I really love hip-hop dance and am getting better. Yes, I HAVE been practicin'... don't be a hater. Haha! I really just love the feeling of pop and lockin', as well as the facial expressions and attitude. Yep. Hip-hop dance makes me happy! :)

Well, after dropping of Drew and Amber back home I headed home to Draper for the evening and when I got home went to check my email... Low and behold, I had received two emails from the producers of American Idol saying that I had been given my request for American Idol tickets for THE FINALE! I went on to claim them and Wednesday slots were filled, so I got two vouchers, equaling eight tickets in my name! HAHA! I was ECSTATIC!

I spent the next two hours calling and texting Chad to make plans to head off the LA this week... The next day I woke up early (too excited to sleep) and told my mom what had happened. She stood with her mouth hanging open and then started screaming. Haha! It was a fantastic moment - she was SO excited for me! :) The next few hours were spent calling friends to see who wanted to go with me and Chad to LA and setting up places to stay... That evening we had everything situated for me, Brittany, Chad, and Kevin to head out on Monday afternoon and go to LA for two days to see the American Idol finale on Tuesday and Wednesday night... OH MY WORD!

I know... I feel like a five year old, but this is amazing. I never get ANYTHING and here I am getting tickets for one of the most amazing and sought-after shows in America. I am VERY content right now. LA is going to be crazy because there will be numerous stars there for the show and in general, and the show is in a HUGE, brand-new theater. I am so excited to see both David Archuleta and David Cook battle it out in the Nokia Theater... It is going to be AMAZING!

I'll be sure to post pictures of us in LA and outside the theater... We can't even take cell phones inside, let alone cameras. So, outside the theater will have to do...



TeamCarter said...

you are the perfect person to go to that. totally hardcore! i know it's breaking a commandment, but i'm really jealous of you. HAVE SO MUCH FUN AND PUT UP LOTS OF PICS! IL OVE YOU!

TeamCarter said...

LINZE! THIS IS SO EXCITING! you are the perfect person to get this chance. totally hardcore! POST LOTS OF PICS! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Katria said...

I'm still waiting to hear about this, you know.

Also, your bread maker is still here.

Also, I have a question for you about housing related stuff.

Also, your EFY kiddies keep hitting on my co-worker.