Sunday, May 11, 2008

Matters of Unimportance

Now, I love that most of my friends (and the only ones who have commented on here) told me that I talk about real, important issues and feelings... Well, here are some REAL feelings and things, but not very important to most individuals. However, to me it always envelops a chunk of my life each year..... Thus, I give you my topic for today, American Idol. Oh yes, American Idol.

This past week they finally narrowed down the contestants to the top three. Well, I am very excited to say that the individual that I have been supporting and promoting to friends/family is STILL in the competition and COULD win this thing. I have no doubt that he will be in the finale show, but winning is gonna be a tight race... So, I present my reasons as to why YOU should vote for (and pictures from me meeting him this past week) this adorable, humble and EXTREMELY talented young man from Murray, Utah... Yep, David Archuleta is who I am talking about. The one and only, David James (yes, I know his middle name - sue me) Archuleta.

Every year on American Idol the judges have the top three visit home the weekend after they are named the top three. While there they sign autographs for the home crowd, promote themselves to home, visit radio and local fox stations, and have some sort of rally held where they sing and speak to their home crowds. So, when I found out he was coming to SLC for the day of Friday, May 9, 2008 (named by Governor Huntsman as official "David Archuleta Day" in the state of Utah for this year), I decided to go up and try to meet/just see the kid sing live. Well, I succeeded...

This is a picture of David and his madre waving at the crowds in Gateway mall after his arrival... I was about THAT far away... It was awesome! He got so stunned with how many people were there, he began to cry. Now, thus you say, "What a baby!" It was sweet - he was genuinely overwhelmed and moved. Later, at Murray High he got a little tearful too, and was told by Fox's Big Buddha to tell his fans, "vote for me!" His statement, "Thank you all so much for being here - I hope I can continue to make you happy with my singing and perform for you... If you don't wanna vote for me you don't have to, but please keep supporting the show in someway!" That is reason #1 to vote: He is the most HUMBLE kid ever. He is genuinely HUMBLE.

Here is a close-up photo of David, hence any of you are already fans... I was RIGHT THERE by his limo as he pulled away, and it was awesome! The crowd = insane!

Now, this entry isn't really reasons to vote... It is just a way to post my AWESOME experience at seeing David Archuleta from American Idol live and in person TWICE in one day... BUT, I will say this. That morning on Fox News, David was asked a question about serving a mission - He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, just as I am. He said (and I am paraphrasing), "I am planning on it, as long as my music allows me.... I kinda feel like I'm serving a mission now though, through my music [and interactions]." Really, the church would have a hard time allowing him to serve anywhere because people might not accept the gospel, but accept him, ya know? However, I think it's great that he is ALWAYS an example on & off-stage of a Christ-like individual and good standards. He is what a real "American Idol" aka: role-model should be to kids and adults alike. We could all learn a thing or two from his kindness and example... I know this sounds ultra-personal for a kid I have never met, but it's how I see it.

This next picture is David receiving his note that from Governor Huntsman that May 9, 2008 is officially "David Archuleta Day" in the state of Utah. He also had a street named after him, and they announced one of his songs for next week - "And So It Goes" by: Billy Joel, chosen by Paula... one of MY favorite songs of all time.

Here are two pictures of me a the events... One, I am with my friend Chad at the Gateway Mall waiting for autographs. We were fiftieth in line, and they pulled him away before even WE could get one... and there were over 2,000 people there! The second picture is me and my sister at the Murray High Homecoming Event that afternoon - crazy amounts of people!

Finally, for your musical enjoyment - here is a clip of David singing Imagine at Murray High, and him thanking the crowd! :) This kid has some PIPES! A beautiful, tender performance... Gotta love the Archuleta!

So, the three main reasons: Humility, Missionary/Example, and a 17 year-old boy with a heck of a voice!!! That's all on American Idol... I just had to put my plug in for the year. They will also be getting my money in that I will be attending the American Idol Tour when it comes through Utah - haha! :) I also think..... That I might try-out this year. Haha! What an experience...


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AHHHHHHHH!!! Whatever you do, don't let me miss this week. Oh, except that I WORK until 8!!! Laura and I watched last week, but it was sort of an accident because neither one of us remembered it was Tuesday.