Saturday, August 16, 2008

Making a Fashion Statement - Literally.

Call it my newly installed obsession with The Hills or, call it working too many EFY weeks and seeing "this" as the make-up for immodesty issues... but I really must state my loathing for leggings. Now, if you disagree you may stop here or continue with caution. My rant will last but a moment, and is superficial and quite frankly, unnecessary. However, I will plead my case as to why no young woman should ever state "leggings are a staple in any girl's wardrobe..."

Let the short rant begin...

Leggings were a staple for women IN THE 80s! The 80s are done, and leggings died with the years. Let's just be honest, they are a way to dress an outfit down to me, and just look tacky - not ugly, but tacky. Disclaimer: That does not mean if YOU have worn them in my presence I have thought, "She is so tacky!" On the contrary, I have grown numb to them when my friends are the ones wearing them. It is simply when I am forced to look at them - like my EFY weeks at times - and when I see celebrities wearing them with an outfit that makes no sense.

Also, leggings are simply tight fabric squeezing your legs... It is the same as your leg to me, and some people use it as an excuse to wear nothing below... My opinion... The end.

On a similar topic, let me simply state that the fashion world is insane. Yes, I said it - insane. I mean, I get some of BEST ideas from watching world fashion, but also so some of the UGLIEST things on individuals because they are "in fashion." Recent Trends...

Who wants to wear a short little "bag" on their body as a dress? Not me.
On the other hand, who wants to wear clothing SO tight that is shows ALL your curves? Not me. I mean, I wanna show the good ones, but not my little tummy... and almost EVERYONE nowadays has a little tummy. The girl below is like a size eight and has this problem... enough said - we all have that problem... Unless you have Britney Spear's stomach from 1998.

Thank you photo shop for making the world think most women actually have perfect bodies. Nice try - I am not so easily fooled.

I am done with my "Fashion Statement" and so I am ending this entry... It may have appeared a mindless rant or vindication for myself not to follow this fashion trend, but I wanted to state the opinion for some reason. I get these random spurts of passion over the most bizzare things, and so... so be it.

Leggings + Linze = A huge no go!



Katria said...

leggings/muffin-tops should go away, I agree. Seeing someone's sides spill over their pants is gross. Sad and gross. Just buy clothes that fit and problem solved!

Team Carter said...

leggings to church is an issue that has plagued provo and my mind for over a year. so beat. they are not pants. well, i guess they were pants to me when i was like FIVE...thanks for standing up for your fashion beliefs. you inspire me. i have been wanting to write about chacos and crocs for like, 5 months. maybe now i will. loveyou!

Sarah Ray said...

I just have to agree with EVERYTHING said here. I HATE LEGGINGS! Unless of course you are wearing them under something to stay warm and you can't see them. Then they are acceptable!