Thursday, August 28, 2008

Magical Moments within the Happiest Place on Earth!

I had the craziest week of my life this past week... I have never felt so many emotions and had so many conflicting and yet congruent thoughts at one moment. All that I can state is, greener pastures are about to be pursued, and little wonders about to be revealed.

I applied for a job at the Energy Solutions Arena - I can't really call it that yet... It is still The Delta Center to me. Haha! Anyway, the Director of VIP Services is a family friend, and I emailed about potential job opportunities a week or so ago. This week he emailed me back an official "you're through to round #2" desk letter for the position of VIP Service Manager - working directly under him. The job would consist of me working all of the Jazz and Blaze games, the concerts and all events... Pretty much, it would be my DREAM JOB! (I did use those words when I answered the return questions - haha!) I love events planning, coordinating, production, and just working these events. It really would be PERFECT for my situation right now and I would LOVE this job, and work SO hard! I could learn so much... Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

Otherwise, Disneyland with 70+ counselors was last week... and it was AMAZING! I had such a great time with new and old friends from this and past summers of work. Plus, I got one WICKED farmers tan! Haha... I will put a few pictures on here for ya'll to check out!

Can I just say that the show at Disneyland entitled Fantasmic! is incredible? I mean, I have seen it so many times and each time I get emotional - me, I know - and I feel so inspired to reach for my dreams. Everyone who was watching it with me kept looking at me and seeing me wear a smile bigger than a five year olds watching the show. I live to believe as that show demands you to believe... If you have never seen it, make a literal GOAL to go spend time getting descent seats and watching the show on one of the evenings next time you go to Disneyland. I am assuming they have the same or a similar show in DisneyWorld as well... Go see it and watch your confidence and hope grow ten fold.

Well, here are some pictures below. I will write again later this weekend about my feelings regarding my initial statement in this post... I want to think about how to word things to make my feelings appear well thought-out and cohesive. For now, enjoy a little Disneyland love! :)

These two pictures are me and my AWESOME
Disneyland roommates, Melody, Sam, and Sarah!

Pretty much, we are just super HOT!

This is our little crew in Disneyland with Mickey! It was the morning of our second day and ALL the characters were just chillin' outside for us all to take photos with. That morning, we were cheering so much for them, the Disneyland Dream Squad (blue employee shirts) made us the "Honorary Dream Squad" for the week - Booyah!

This is a big group of us in Disneyland's California Adventure Theme Park on Thursday! We had SUCH a blast on Screamin', Grizzly, Toy Story, Soarin', and my personal favorite Tower of Terror!

This is our second ride of the trip, Indiana Jones! I begged to be the driver because it is SO fun to overreact to everything!

The picture above that is our little group acting crazy in a "ball of bones" on pirate's island!

These last two pictures (I could post SOOOOO many more! Haha!) are some faves! On the left is me and Mr.Toad before my wild and superior ride to Hades with him, Donny, and Sam - haha! It's in the little kiddie rides and one my open favorites in the whole park! On the right is me and Turell in front of the giant Mr.Potato Head - who called me a hockey puck! Haha... We are in front of the new Toy Story ride in California Adventure, and in the words of Turell, "I LOVE THIS RIDE!"

Enjoy! *muah*

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Katria said...

Pirates Island? This must be a new thing because I'm pretty darn sure it wasn't there last time I went. Where is it? Did it take the place of Huck Finn's Island (Or whatever it was called, idk, we never actually went over there ever)?

You have no idea how jealous I am. Ok, well, maybe you have an inkling, but it's extremely. I'm like turning green with envy over here.