Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/11 - Oh Remember, Remember

I will never forget where I was when the Twin Towers were hit, and when they fell. When they were hit, I was sitting in Seminary - as I have realized many of my friends were. I had been sitting in the room for about twenty minutes and a boy named Kolin Stanley walked into the room, eating lettuce and saying, "The World Trade Centers have been hit by planes!" Sister Cook, our teacher, asked what he meant and when he repeated himself, asked him to sit down. He stood there for a few seconds, then shrugged and sat down. We were all kind of thinking Kolin didn't really know what he was talking about. He WAS eating lettuce for breakfast... no joke.

When I got into the Shelley boys' big red van and drove to school we talked about other things... Though I believe one person did say something about turning the TV on in the band room. When we got to school, I walked in and the whole school was quite, not WAY un-normal for by the band room in the morning, but oddly silent. When we walked into the band room I can remember each person who was standing there and which ones were wearing their backpacks. Weird, huh? I remember that this girl, Alyssa, was crying because her parents were scheduled to be at the Pentagon that day and they had just released this it was also hit.

The whole day went on with all of us going to classes and doing very little to no work, as we constantly had the TVs on. In my English class, the teacher asked us if we were really concerned or just wanted to get out of work. We all responded with wide eyes of concern and genuine confusion at what was happening, so she let us watch. There were kids asking me my opinion on religious stuff, which was awesome, but very different from the norm. Kids from my seminary group were having discussions on the seven seals in the New Testament and talking about how Revelations tied into our day and generation - There was SO much religious talk, and for once... no one was throwing a fit about it.

I remember coming home to my brother having the TV on and showing how we were going to retaliate as a country and the decisions Bush had made. I remember the numbers of bodies that were being reported as dead or missing. It was a day where I remembered the exacts and specifics, and yet it was also a day that was a total blur. I can't describe it any better than this... I remember everything and yet nothing regarding the time in between those moments of discussion or watching the TV. It was a cloudy day with showering spots of sunlight through the fog. Hm.

I watched a documentary on the History Channel today on 9/11 and found myself very moved. I didn't realize back when it happened how many people truly gave their lives and health, or were willing to, on that day nine years ago. To all those who served then, serve now, and to all the firefighters, policemen, EMTs and doctors, etc... Thank You. Thank you for the sacrifices that you make and the time and energy you put forth in making them. I truly appreciated and love each of you. I think my friends who are serving should know how much I appreciate them... and thank God that I have been blessed to know them.

Anyway, I felt compelled all day to say thank you.

On, a move humorous (and yet not) note, there was one man during the 9/11 footage that could be heard on the video saying, "I was 15 minutes from that building... Fifteen minutes from being inside of there. I work on the 38th floor... I came in late because I was watching Monday Night Football... Yea. Monday Night Football saved my life."

Haha... It's amazing how sincere he felt and was. I would have felt the same way. Thus, I feel justified in watching WAY too much football this season. Including tomorrow's BYU game... :)

Song of the Day: God Bless The USA, by Lee Grewnwood!!! It may appear cliche, but this is how much I care.... I don't. This video has the song and pics/sound bites from 9/11 - Instead of "enjoy," I'll say, Remember!

I'm not sure which date this will post under, but I had to write in remembrance of September 11th and the impact the happenings had on my life.

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