Thursday, September 10, 2009

GLEE! (Reliving my teenage years - seriously.)

I have discovered a new obsession that will carry forth through this Fall and perhaps past. I am in love with the new FOX show, Glee! I watched the Pilot for the show at the end of last Spring and LOVED it. So, when the actual show premiered last night I had set aside some time to watch it. Yep, I set aside time for another show... but it's okay because American Idol comes on as it is ending the season. So, they can replace one another in my life... Haha!

Now, I feel as though I should explain why I love this new show so much, so that I might persuade y'all to partake in the awesomeness that is, Glee! Thus, here is why I am in love with this new series:

1) There is a love of subtle (and blatant) wit within the script. This causes some hilarious things to occur and some thought provoking things to be said.

2) The show is story AND character driven. The characters are CLASSIC too! They all have specific characteristics that are funny and additionally meaningful in their own way. Also, because of this you don't HAVE to see each episode to understand completely, but it would definitely be more meaningful to the plot driven entity of the show.

3) The actors are actually quite talented... and the main guys are beautiful. That always makes me happy... Haha! You can see what I mean for yourself if you take a gander to your right. The main girls are beautiful as well, so boys, you can be happy too.

4) It's based around theater and singing - two of my main loves in life. So, you can see why I would enjoy this. However, there is more to the story than that.

5) If you love good music, you will love this show. It has taken ALL types of music and makes them into "glee club" arrangements. These aren't "choir arrangements" - glee club is different and much more modern. The show is FULL of songs in each episode and they all tie into the story line in some way, which is very clever. Sometimes they are rather dramatic (which is kinda funny) and sometimes they are just background to the story. Plus, the voices on these actors are AMAZING! The main girl... SO GOOD!

6) I feel like I am reliving a part of my teenage years... Yea. I was totally a choir, drama, band nerd - and VERY proud of it.

7) The show just make you smile!

And now, a musical segment from Glee's Pilot episode, where the football jock and the drama queen finally come together to make the Glee Club succeed. This will be my song of the day too! So, I bring you Journey's Don't Stop Believing, by the Cast of Glee! Enjoy!


P.S. Also, check out the main girl (her name is Rachel on the show) in her featured performance from the premier episode - She does a version of Rihanna's Take a Bow that is off the hook!


Mindy said...

I am so happy you wrote this post ... Because I have seen like upteen-billion people have Facebook statuses about GLEE and I thought they were all in a Glee Club. Seriously, I'm that naive. And that lame. So, thanks for clarifying!!! :)

Mike said...

Didn't I see this the first time it came out when it was called High School Musical?: :) Haven't seen it, but actually looks kinda cool. I like the clip at least, it sounds awesome.

Sue said...

Love it!

Littleshortstacks said...

Glad to find in you in the blogging world!

I watched the Glee pilot as well. I loved it and couldn't wait to see what they did with the upcoming season. I just watched the new episode and was impressed with the talent, but totally disappointed with all the sex stuff (and other low standards). I'll keep my fingers crossed that it only gets better from here!

a sunlit dreaming tree said...

I LOVE GLEE...almost as much as I love you. ALMOST.:)

TPlayer said...

I knew I could count on you to write something abour Glee. This show is my TV show dream come true! I L O V E love it!!! I long for Wednesdays like never before. This week, i clocked out of work for an hour yesterday just to be able to watch it on Hulu. I've had Don't Stop Believin' in my head for days and I keep watching it over and over again. I believe we're what people are referring to as "Gleeks." We should have a watch party every week. Good times!