Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

So, I have a new job starting in January. I told my boss yesterday at work yesterday about it, so now I can officially post about it on here, on facebook, on twitter... all that jazz. What's the job, you ask? Well, I will be working as an Au Pair (like a nanny) for an LDS family with two little boys, ages 6 and 4. I will have to move in order to take the job, and it's not a close move either...

I will be moving to BONN, GERMANY!

Some of you may have heard this already, but to some it might be new news. I hope no one is offended about finding out about this via the internet... Sorry if this is the case. Things have been somewhat of a whirlwind since accepting the position. During the time I spent applying and interviewing, I felt that I should keep things somewhat DL for the sake of my current job and for my own personal hope. I did not want to get my hopes up and then have them shattered if I got attached to the idea. Thus, I prevented myself from any over-excitement... until now! Haha!

Sidenote: The pictures throughout this entry are of Bonn, Germany!

Now, I find my self BURSTING with excitement and planning everything around the idea that I will be gone for the entire year of 2010, living in Europe. Yep, this opportunity will land me in Germany for a whole year. At first, I was a bit apprehensive with this idea, but then I realized how short one year really is... Sarah has been gone for a year and a week, and that time has simply flown by. Plus, I lived in London for a little over two months in 2006, and I was alright. You get use to the cultural differences and get past the things that you miss. You learn to enjoy new things and let them temporarily replace the things from "home." I am so excited to discover when these things will be while I am living in Germany!

So, here are the highlights of the position:

1 - First things first... I get to care for two of the most adorable little boys ever! I have seen pictures and video, and heard plenty of stories, and they seem like great boys. I really love teaching the littler ones, and watching them grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually has to be one of the greatest rewards one can witness. Also, not only do the children seem awesome, but the parents (as crazy as their schedules are) seem down to earth. The mom works an a International Economist and for the UN University, and the father is a physician over there. So, I'd say I'm in good hands - and can have intelligent conversations with them, which I love. I really think that I will love and become a part of the family for the year.

2 - This is going to be an awesome learning experiences. I am beyond positive that I will learn more about the things that I want to do when I have children of my own. Subbing kindergarten for three weeks last year, taught me a lot about how to handle the problems of a young one, but this will be on a whole new level. I am sure that I will experience the highs and lows of childcare, and learn how to deal with both of those... growing in my own personal confidence along the way.

3 - Speaking of learning, I will also be able to learn a new language while I am there (German, in case anyone was wondering -haha!) and familiarize myself with a new culture. I love learning about people and how they live, and I love being submersed into new cultures. I like seeing different perspectives and I think you are able to see and understand them more fully in a different environment. I love being in new situations. I really like change... and this will be a good way for me to see how others think and live. I love seeing new things... What an awesome experience at the time as doing an awesome job!

4 - I get to help build the kingdom over in Germany... Europe can be a hard place to share the gospel, but I'm excited to be an example there and hopefully touch some people's lives for good. Bonn, the city I'll be living in apparently has three stakes there and a great single's ward. I'm stoked! I am SLIGHTLY nervous about not speaking fluent German and going to a ward over there.

5 -I get to live in EUROPE for a year, AND travel around with the family! The father is from Austria so they visit there each year, Switzerland, etc. I get 4 weeks paid vacation, so I am going to have some time to travel around Europe to a few places I desire to see - or travel with the family, which I am definitely all about. I love Europe, and living back over there (for those who don't know I did a study abroad and lived in London, England for a few months) will be AMAZING! I have really missed it.

6 - They are paying for everything... the flights, room & board, health care, German language lessons... I know, amazing, right? I was so stressed about money and taking care of myself, and now I feel like I can go do this job and not worry about Grad School costs until next year. Plus, then I can prep and study with some of my time to get ready for Grad School... or Acting School - whatever I chose! Haha... I feel very blessed to have this amazing job!

7 - I will be over there for virtually an entire year... I leave the first week of January and come back right before Christmas. I can still talk to everyone via Skype, facebook, email, snail mail, and sometimes phone. I know there will be some homesick moments while I am there, but I also know my mom and close friends will keep in close touch and send me things when needed. It's a long time, and yet not... I WANT to have that much time there to truly experience it.

Sidenote: There is SO much WWII history there, and y'all know how much I LOVE studying WWII! YES!!!

I really do feel blessed to have the opportunity... It kind of just fell in my lap and felt SO right. It was not my original intention for next year to leave the country for anything besides vacation, but here I am... having my own adventure!
If anyone reading this knows anything about Germany and suggestions on what I might want to take upon moving there, please let me know. I have done lots of research and spoken quite a bit with the family (and emailed the current Au Pair), and I have a good list put together, but still would appreciate other opinions. Here is some notes about Bonn, Germany and what is there:

From 1949 to 1990, Bonn (just South of Cologne) was the capital of West Germany. It is the 19th largest city in Germany. From 1990 to 1999, most German governmental institutions were located in Bonn. By 2000, the city lost its status as a seat of government, handing it magnanimously over to Berlin. Bonn remains a centrer of politics and administration, however. Bonn is the home of Ludwig Van Beethoven and UN University. Some of Bonn's twin-towns or sister-cities are Belfast in Ireland, Opole in Poland, Tel Aviv in Israel, Budafok in Hungary, and none other than Oxford in England.

I am SO excited about this opportunity and can not WAIT until I am on that plane to my new home - Willkommen Sie Deutschland!
(I KNEW how to write that one! Haha...)

Song of the Day: I am in LOVE with Benton Paul's new EP on ITunes! I have been a fan of his music since before he started blowing up, when we played together in a concert my sophomore year. He has a lot of talent and a LOT of drive - He's worked hard and deserves his success! His newly-released song, Moon is incredible... I am addicted. Check Benton Paul's song, Moon! EXCEPT, I can't find a video online... So, just look him up - You will NOT regret it! Enjoy! :)


Mindy said...

So amazing!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Maybe I can come visit you! ;)

The Knickerbockers said...

Congrats!! Sooo excited for you!

Katria said...

Congratulations! I am way excited for you! Make sure you take a million and more pictures and more pictures and blog a lot. I am crossing my fingers that I'll be able to save enough money to got to London (to see Love Never Dies with Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom- whole reason why I am choosing London and not NYC) and Japan next year. We'll see if I am actually that good at budgeting or not.

Bethany said...

#1. i've been there before. it's gorgeous. #2. i lived in belgium as a nanny for a spell (not nearly as long as you'll be there, but still) you will LOVE foreign living experience. driving. grocery shopping. church. it's PERFECTION. i'm so excited for you and this new adventure. love every second, and take 1 million pictures!!!!!!