Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So Much To Say, So Much To Say, So Much To Say, So Much to Saaaay!

I have been meaning to blog a few times lately and time has somehow slipped away from me. I'm usually fairly decent with time management, but it seems that when I have time off (which I have had quite a bit of lately) I tend to sleep, read, and play too much... but don't we all. Well, unless you're mi madre. Somehow she is superwoman, and always seems to always accomplish each thing on her list. Amazing.

I am not going to write a blog on my mother's amazingness... not right now anyway. Thus, I am moving on.

There is SO much I have wanted to write about, and now that I find my fingers against the keys, my mind is failing me. I wish to write about General Conference weekend and the great talks that inspired me within so many aspects of my life. I want to write about my Thursday Fall traditions with Sam this Fall, and our discovery of Maverick frozen yogurt. I want to write about BYU Football, hanging with my brother and Cami, my awesome calling as FHE mom, and my thoughts on recent political issues... How I am not sharing the views of many of my friends. I am always marching to the beat of my own drum though... and that makes me happy!

I want to write about too much and can't seem to focus in. So, I'll take it one subject at a time and attempt to record a fraction of my life and thoughts. Perhaps I shall chose to discuss the things that I currently have pictures of to add as visual enhancement. Press play (or type)... and GO!

First, I want to talk about how awesome my calling has been - I have gotten to know so many amazing people in my ward and area through FHE and being the "mom." To my relief, this past week I was finally given a co-counselor, and he seems fabulous. He's way chill, willing to help, and when we have our committee meeting this Sunday, I have a feeling he'll totally add his ideas. I have also been blessed with additional committee members (before it was simply Em and myself), and that makes me pretty happy too! I am loving that the local branch combined with us - there are so many awesome people (including my Co and new committee members) that have really brought a lot to our ward.

Anyway, a few weeks ago we had planned to do water-balloon paintball, capture the flag at the park across from our church. However, that night ended up being rainy and colder, so not a lot of people showed up - sad day! No fear though... We still had a little thoguht and then proceeded to pummel each other with the water-balloon paintballs, and extra paint in the cans, until we were dosed in blue and yellow paint. I was getting little pieces of paint out of my hair through this week! Haha...So, why are we getting into the back of truck while covered in paint? Because we decided to go through a car-wash at the local Chevron... Serious. Let me add, the water does not burn you in a car wash and if you are the back of truck, the whipping thingys (articulate, right?) do not harm you. You also don't get very clean... yea. Below is a picture of our faces right before we went through the car wash - haha!
The activity brought out only about ten people because of the weather, but we have been having like thirty coming each week, which has been fabulous! It's a big improvement from where it use to be, and I think each activity and lesson has been successful. I'm feeling pretty good about where things currently are with FHE, and I hope it only continues to expand. I really do love my ward! :)


Song of the Day: On Tuesday I went to see my buddies, Truman, last week at a concert series at the Tahitian Noni in Orem. Well, they were FANTASTIC! However, they are not who I am going to recommend. There was a guy I had never heard, who's big in SLC, that EVERYONE should listen too... Paul Jacobson! He is phenomenal! I bought his CD as soon as I came home from the concert. His lyrics and musical interpretation are incredible and the way he preforms moves you... Sounds cheesy or bizarre, but it's true. So, look him up on ITunes (though think he's even better live) watch his performance of At That Day - and then buy his CD. Promise - it's well worth it... Enjoy!


Adam R. said...

Just so you know, I'm jealous of this activity. I wanted to be there...once I saw the pics. Love ya! Good to see you at the game again this week.

Team Carter said...

I was so so happy to run into you randomly at the football game. I LOVE YOU!

a sunlit dreaming tree said...

i see you rockin that AHS 2004 senior tshirt!!! :) get it, girl! :D