Thursday, October 29, 2009

- Stranded at the Airport -

Random Thoughts...
- I had some FUNNY flight attendants on my first flight... I love Southwest.

- Will we ever see Quinn out of a cheerleaders outfit? Yes, and she looks WAY cuter! If you don't know what mean, I am referring to someone on GLEE... :)

- Oh my word! I’m really moving to Germany – for a year! REALLY?!

- When I die, I don’t think that I want a viewing… I want people to keep the image of me alive inside of them as their last visual, and not of something cold. Sorry if this appears morbid, but I was thinking about this because I read a characters comment in a book I am reading and it was similar.

- Rihanna’s new song is called Russian Roulette, and I was thinking about people who actually play that game. I had a little day-dream moment where I imagined someone offering me 10,000,000 dollars to play the game, and pull the trigger. In my mini-vision, I looked at the person and said, “My life is too valuable to gamble with…” I wonder how many people really realize how powerful they are… how precious their life is? I don’t think many do until they have lost someone important, or almost lost their own life… but usually we forget again. It’s a vicious, self-cunning cycle.

Sidenote: I want to see the new movie "The Box," where James Marsden and Cameron Diaz are the parents and have to decide if they will press a button or not... If they do, they get a million dollars, but someone dies. In they don't.... I don't know! I was talking with Chance and Drew about the movie the other night and they said, "You wouldn't do it, Linze. You value people and a person's life too much." I'm grateful they think that way of me... :) I still really, REALLY wanna see the movie - haha! It comes out on my birthday.... hint hint.

Here I sit in the Denver airport, on my layover to Baltimore. I’m heading back to my “home” of the past; back to my roots… kinda. I never really had a set home growing up because I moved so much, but I definitely claim the East Coast as my home of homes. I graduated from High School in VA, and spent most of my younger years in Lancaster and Philadelphia, PA. It feels right to call the East Coast the place that raised me. I wonder where I will end up later in life. Where will I lay the roots for my children, and will I stay put or switch it up a bit here and there?

I in no way regret moving around a lot while I was younger. I talk about it quite often… I know a lot of people from the accumulated places I have been, and therefore, always seem to know someone wherever I am. I use to think that was only cause I lived in Utah till I saw a friend from HS in line at American Idol auditions, and then another on a plane ride last year. It just makes life full of constant, fun reunions. Also, I am much more accepting of other’s differences and more diverse in my way of thinking. I am open to trying new things and taking chances… I am all about change and growth because of that process.

I think it’s interesting how your childhood can shape you. The experiences you have when you are young form you into who you are today… I could definitely be better, but I thank the Lord above that my parents did a pretty good job raising me. I’m doing alright for myself right now, and it’s only gonna go up from here… I feel it. I feel the change that’s beginning with the decision to leave the country. I feel a new found bravery within myself and a new spout of confidence. I know that I can do amazing things, and if I really work, I will have those opportunities…

I have been given all the tools I need to accomplish & discover why I am here on this earth. I was sent here, at this time, for a reason… and we have all been equipped with the tools needed to determine what our individual purpose is… I have some theories. It’s time to start testing them, and stop re-writing them.

I think about my desires and what I want… it seems unorthodox. My desires seem uncommon for a young, single LDS girl. Who’s to say that Heavenly Father didn’t place those desires in my heart in the first place? They’ve been there since I can remember… serious. I don’t remember a time not wanting to chase big dreams and do big things. Hm.

He’s just sensitive to our use of agency… and he’s waiting for me to use mine in the correct way.


Song of the Day: Chris Brown's, Crawl. I am currently in love with this song... and no matter the past beef, I love Chris's music. Enjoy!

So we crawl, till we can walk again…

Then we run, until we’re strong enough to jump

Then we’ll fly until there is no wind… So let’s crawl.


Mindy said...

Mindy wants to see the Box too!!!!

KimmyJ said...

Loved this post. Your hilarious.