Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Beauty's In The Details...

MY friend, Julie, had this blog entry link posted on her facebook today...

I randomly took the time to read it through, and it's been on my mind since. I don't agree with EVERY point, but I do agree with most of what he's written. I don't believe his main point is to say God does not care or that he doesn't have any plans for us in this life. I think he is mostly saying that God let's us grow and learn for ourselves... The dinner analogy he uses is perfect.

Overall, it's an entry talking about this man's belief on whether God has a plan for us in this life or not. I believe that God has plans for us, but we also make our own choices and aren't "pre-destined..." It's a tricky moderation.

I think we need to come up with our own plans, present them - utilize our relationship with God in that way, and then carry them forth. God is still at WORK in our lives (definitely), but it's about us learning to use our agency and trust Him... as well as ourselves. There are moments in my life that I see specs of God's specific plans for me, but mostly I make up my own life and destination... If I'm living right, he'll stop me if I'm wrong... That's what I think.

Another note: God is all-knowing. Thus, I believe he knows what I am going to choose and knows the plan that will be mapped out in the end... but being here on earth is about more than listening to our Heavenly Father's directions for us. That IS important, yes, but there's more... It's about work. It's about taking ACTION.

Most people use the analogy that a child won't learn anything if the answers are just given to them. However, I think this sentiment is a little off. The answers are around us and in us... but we have to uncover them - with or without help. A child has to discover the answers for a history exam, through the answers the teacher (and book) provides. Likewise, Heavenly Father has provided the answers for us, but we have to do the WORK to discover them... We have to make some effort, and choose to do so, in order to make successful decisions in life from a secular point of view as well as spiritually.

There was a comment near the bottom of this man's blog entry that I thought was great for me to come across... It reads:

"I spent years trying to hear from God what 'his plan' for my life was. In the end, i think it was just an excuse not to make the hard choices. I was passively waiting for some kind of sign so that I wouldn’t miss 'his plan', because if I missed 'his plan', then I’d ruin my life, right? What pressure!! How are we supposed to know who we’re 'supposed' to marry, or what job is 'his plan?' "

I think that I've been doing that a little bit these past two years... Not on purpose, but nevertheless, I have been excusing decision making because I was fearful. It was a way for me to put things off... until my decision to come to Germany. That's when I started taking action again.

I can not express how wonderful, trying, and perfect this opportunity has been (and will be) for me. I definitely saw God guiding my path in this choice and leading events to allow me to be here. So in this case, I felt that strongly... but I think the next steps are about me figuring it out for myself. Man, I am so blessed... I learn more and more about myself with each day I'm here - in Germany, and on this earth.

The beauty of life lies in the details... and we decide what to garnish our lives with.

"The personal challenge is not to wait successfully but to live richly, fully, & joyfully. The real fun of life is in overcoming obstacles while still happily hoping everything will work out. Fill your life with service, education, personality development, love for all, & other such meaningful traits. Live with purpose each day." - Elder Marvin J. Ashton

Song of the Day: I know that this song was popular a few months ago by a different band, but this girl's version of this song is fabulous... I like it better than the original for me. Here is Laura Jansen singing Use Somebody. Enjoy!


a sunlit dreaming tree said...

here is a perfect example of what i believe! :) look at what we both learned just from me opening up his journal entry this am and deciding to post it on facebook. i could have read it, kept it to myself, and said whatever, but i chose to post it and see what discussion would come of it--and here we are! :) God is in this moment...but i had to take the action and listen to my desires and feelings (that were in line with Him). thank you so much for this entry! i'm still piecing through it all and how to put what i think into words, but this is just continuing my journey, and i'm so grateful that you (and this entry) are a part of it! hooray!! love you so much linze!!!!!!! <3

Sam said...

Glad you're feeling so great about things. Making choices is always hard and scary, but it's always a great example of faith. There's no point in having faith if it isn't exercised, and I can tell you are truly exercising your faith often. I truly love your friendship and am grateful for all the times we've shared together, you're great. Love ya!