Friday, April 2, 2010

NY Trailers and a day in the Park

Breaking Upwards Movie Trailer from Breaking Upwards on Vimeo.

For some reason, this trailer and story REALLY grabbed my attention. It's a low-budget indie film, where the two main actor also wrote the script based on things from their own lives. It seems like a cliche tale, but with twists and not necessarily a happy ending... I don't know, but I'm thinking it's not a perfect fairytale end - like 500 Days of Summer, which I LOVED. I think they seem to have good chemistry and I REALLY like her mannerisms and acting techniques that I see in the trailer.

There's a part where he asks, "I just want to know what he gives you that I don't give you!" Her response is, "He's not there all the freaking time." I found that thought SO intriguing. Too often that is the case in relationships... It's a space and balance issue. You start off wanting to always be with each other, but it's true... people need space and time for themselves. It's good to do MOST things together and try new things together, but it's also important to have SOME distance. I think this is hard for those of us who thrive on quality time as their "language of love," but even I really like my own time. I think it's interesting to watch films that are more than the romance and goo (though I admit, I like those ones), but ones that delve deeper into the underlying of a functional (or dysfunctional) relationship.

I don't know... The trailer just grabbed me.

Actually, I am quite grateful for the New York Times and their weekly "Movie Update" email I am subscribed too. Over here in Germany, I don't always get the heads-up on new film and music. However, thanks to Turell and Chad, I get the music covered, and thanks to NYT, I get the film aspect covered. Awesome! Haha...

Another one that grabbed me is the one below:

Lbs. Trailer - Watch more Funny Videos
Again, it just grabbed me.

Today was spent with the boys, as they had off of school for Good Friday. I got up made pancakes (apfel ones for me and regular for them) in the shapes of Mickey, stars, and hearts. Haha! Sidenote: I want TONS of silicone baking supplies for wedding gifts one day - They're AWESOME!

We had one GLORIOUS afternoon in the local park. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the waterfalls in the Japanese gardens were flowing freely, and the trees are starting to blossom. It's fabulous! Give it another two weeks and every morning will be spent outside in those Japanese gardens - SO beautiful! The boys were awesome too - doing their "rolling down the hill the fastest" contests and trying to blow the longest snake bubble - OH! I found this idea on someone's blog for homemade bubble blowers and it has been a BLAST - check out the link below! I wish I had my camera as we made really awesome bubble snakes and fed the ducks... SO cute!

I dropped the boys off a bit ago with Koko for the rest of the afternoon, and here I am - typing away. Haha!

Other things to tell... I'm WAY stoked for General Conference weekend! I'm heading up to Koln for tomorrow evening's session, but then listening to it here on Sunday. See, the broadcast is done at 6pm (live timing) in Koln and then Saturday afternoon's session is shown Sunday morning and Sunday's are shown Sunday night and Monday... Kinda crazy, but the way it is with the time difference. Anyway, everyone should post and let me know what your favorite talks are... I'll probably make that suggestion again in a later blog - just so you know.

Quote of the Day:
"What has four legs and can fly?"
"A Purple Grape!"

... I guess you had to be there.

Song of the Day: I found this girl on a music site a little bit ago and I really like her. I don't always like twangy country, but she's great! Check out some of her other stuff too, like Outside My Window. For now, here's Sarah Buxton with Innocence. Enjoy!

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