Sunday, April 4, 2010

Life Is Wonderful!

My life is great. Really, it's just fabulous. I know that by writing this, something will undoubtedly happen soon to add stress or discomfort, but for now, life is grand. This weekend in particular was was one of my favorites that I have had while in Bonn, which spawned from a culmination of recent events.

First, my best friend came home from her mission! Sarah and I have been best friends for the past five years and I haven't seen her in a year and a half! Now, because I'm in Germany and she's in Georgia, I'm not actually able to have a face-to-face chat admits lots of hugs- though that time WILL come. Haha! However, we were able to speak to each other via Skype so that we could still see each other. Skype is another thing to add to this list that makes me so happy - seriously! I have been able to talk to SO many friends and family members for free and randomly because of Skype. What a COOL and AMAZING concept and gift! Haha...

So, talking to Sarah was FABULOUS and tomorrow morning we have a phone date set up so that we can REALLY catch-up. Before we only spoke about 30 minutes and that is NOT enough to catch-up on a year and a half... even if we DID write each week of the mish. Haha! (Sidenote: She's gonna HATE that I put this pic up - haha! It was from the night before she left... WEIRD!)

My other best friend, Nicole, comes home in three weeks! :)

Second, I got to meet some new young adults in Koln and make new friends, as well as spend some time with some old friends. I'm getting to know more people, and as much as I'm chill doing my own thing, it's nice to feel more connected. I'll probably be going up to Koln once a month for church, just to get to know some people. It'll be a nice change from time to time! Also, I'm getting to know the missionaries in Bonn better and they really are stellar people... Elder Gunnell and Elder Rogers let me ride the train with them from church both days and it was great to visit with them and get to know them better. I know they're missionaries, so I can't exactly call them to hang out, but I still maintain that we're friends. They're both people I would hang with when I got home - even if they are youngins'... Haha!

Third, when I came home from Conference in Koln I found a cute, little Easter basket from Koko, Patrick, Nico, & Finni on my bed. It was full of little chocolates, two cookie cutters (a cow and a flower) cause Koko knows I love to bake, and.... a bottle of Heinz ketchup! HAHA! People know me SO well... I love me some ketchup! Haha... It was really quite funny and creative... Koko and Patrick may be two of the busiest people in the world, but no one can say they don't make time to care about others. Not only is that the main part of each one's job, but they truly make an effort to make their boys and me feel special and loved. They are GREAT people and know how to make someone smile! :)

Fourth, GENERAL CONFERENCE! Haha... General Conference was FABULOUS this weekend. Seriously, I was SO uplifted and set some great goals for myself. Many talks gave me a lot to think about and ponder upon, as I try to press forward and improve myself and my relationship with my Father in Heaven. I felt like Childcare and Parenting were such a focus in this session too, which is cool because I'm so involved with taking care of Nico and Finn right now. It was a time for me to reflect and think about the future too and how I want my family to be focused. It was a time for me to realize what I can do to help Nico and Finn now, and be a great mother in the future...

It was also a time for me to realize how I have grown more comfortable over the past few months with the idea of marriage. This does not mean I'm rushing to slip into a white dress, grab the first RM I can find, and make a mad-dash for the Frankfurt temple. It'll be a beaige dress. Haha! Just kidding... really. It simply comes down to the fact that I'm finally feeling comfortable with dating for marriage when the opportunity presents itself... I've never felt that before. I've always been too closed-off to the idea, and dated for fun or cute boys, but I'm now more open to the possibility when the timing is right. That time might still not come for a few years, but I'm finally feeling like I gear myself in that direction.

Along with that, I'm more geared towards the temple. My life has finally become more focused on the path I need to trod and I'm ready to really think about what going through the temple means. Without getting to personal, I'm excited to delve deeper into the meaning of the temple in my eternal life, and how I can get where I need to be in order to make what I know are sacred and special promises.

Other than parenting and the importance of how we bring up our children, other main topics I noticed were Obedience, Spiritual Warnings & Ignoring the World, Love, and The Atonement. I would love to talk more about these talks too - I seriosuly am on SUCH a spiritual high right now from conference. I love that I have the opportunity every few months to hear directly from a man I know is a prophet of God. I love that he can help me grow and constantly stretch myself to greater heights. I love the gospel, and know it's true. I'm thankful for that.

Now, who can argue that life ain't good?

P.S. On another note, but it can be added as number five to my above list, I did a flight "pot-luck" for next weekend! This is where you put in 40Euros and see where the airline sends you, but you don't know till you pay... There is a list of cities and you can narrow it down to a list of about 15-20 cities, and then anything past that it's 5Euros extra... Anyway, I did the "pot-luck" flight for this next weekend and I'm heading to Salzburg, Austria! I'll be in the land of Sound of Music and Hitler's Hide-Out (The Eagle's Nest) Friday-Tuesday morning!!!

Song of the Day: So, one of the missionaries was telling me about this guy and I fell in LOVE when I looked him up. He has a great sound and tons of good songs... I still need to get through the whole album, but I like what I've heard so far! Here Josh Radin's video for I'd Rather Be With You! Enjoy!!!

Another appropriate song for this article is "Life Is Wonderful" by Jason Mraz. Just sayin'... :)


Ash and Matt said...

Yay for friends coming home! And that flight potluck sounds like the best idea in the world. I would be tempted to do it almost every weekend--what a fun adventure!

Salzburg was on my list for our honeymoon but Matt had already been so we chose a different place instead (Hallstatt). I want to go back and go on the Sound of Music & Eagle's Nest tours someday! I can't wait to see your pictures of it!

Mindy said...

Haha, Chance and I would listen to one of Joshua Radin's songs over and over and over one summer. Emily Kunic hid the darn CD from us because she was so tired of us listening to it. Great post, p.s. :)

Ask Josh said...

Dear Linze,