Thursday, April 8, 2010

Linz, The City!!!

I think it's only appropriate that my 115th entry be named after me...
So, I got lucky when Patrick and Koko woke me on Monday morning with news that they were taking me and the boys to Linz, Germany! Haha... Actually, I woke to the boys yelling, "Linze, we're going to Lintz! We're going to Lintz!" I thought that's how the city name was spelled cause it's how it sounds... However, I quickly understood while people here call me "Lintzay..." The first part (Linz) sounds like "Lintz" when said here, and the "e" on the end is said like a long "a." Different - and it all made sense that morning. Haha!

Anyway, once I discovered we were going to Linz, Germany and it was spelled like that, I freaked out a little bit. I mean, some of you back home have your name plastered on buildings or signs and it can be found in song titles, but my name is NOWHERE to be found in the U.S. Thus, I was ecstatic for a very dumb, but fun, reason to go to Linz... I was going to take a picture next to a sign that had my name!!! Haha! This will also take place in Austria (the street I'm staying off of is Linzergasse) and in The Netherlands (where the name comes from).

After getting ready at an ultra-quick speed, we all took off riding our bikes along the river to the docks. We rode a medium size boat up the Rhine till we reached Linz and then took our bikes, hopped off, and headed on a walk through the city. It was fabulous! The city was already exciting for me because of the name, but it was also the perfect place for a sight-seer. The city had tons of old buildings and streets, and it was BEAUTIFUL there! I'm going to post a bunch of pictures below and just let you enjoy - maybe adding tid-bits here and there - because it was seriously an incredible city... with a good name. Haha!
Me and Patrick - we decided that smiling pictures are boring... :)
This is a really cool (and really old) fountain right in the middle of Linz's city square! All the little characters around the top are stationary, but the ones below have movable joints. Below, Nico decided to make his character pick her nose... So, I told him to pretend to pick his nose too and we'd make a picture out of it! Haha... Com'on. What would you have done?
Below here is Linze in Linz with her bike - just livin' it up European style! Haha...
Above is the AWESOME new Trio-Bike that we got for the family - particularly the boys! It's got more room for them and allows them to see more while we're riding around town, or wherever. Also, it allows me to hear what they're saying and talk more with them while we're going from place to place. It's easy to use than the old kinderwagen too, though still heavy... It's built to use more of your upper-body strength to steer, so now that my legs are more in shape, my arms are about to get toned too! Haha... Anyway, it's a great bike!
Above: Excuse my dumb expression, but... THAT SIGN HAS MY NAME ON IT! Haha... Yea. Koko laughed at my overly excited expressions too - feel free to do the same, but I'm not ashamed!
Below: We were trying not to let the bridge crush us... Or at least I was. Good thing it was so easy for Finni! Haha...
We stopped in the city for some lunch at this little sushi shop, and I have to tell you... I tried to like sushi a few times in my life, and I gave it the benefit of the doubt this time... it was OK. I didn't HATE it this time, but I had an avocado one and not raw fish this time. Anyway, Koko knew the way I felt about sushi (apprehensive) and so she ordered me some teriyaki chicken and spring rolls that were fabulous! Not that you need my menu each time I travel, but that way if you ever come here, you'll know what to eat... Haha! SO GUT! Haha.... (P.S. The picture on the left is me in the middle of the streets of Linz... I love how NO ONE stopped even though the picture was being taken. I'm the only one standing still and it looks like kinda cool...)

Once we had finished lunch and our stroll through the city, we ventured back to Bonn via bike. We used the ferry to cross the river (cause there are no bridges for miles apart and the bike path is better on our side of the Rhine) and headed down the bike path. We rode right next to the Rhine the entire time and through some beautiful cities. It's so cool to see all the buildings here because of my fascination with architecture. While I was in London I was loving this, and it has been no different here in Germany. I find the use of stone carvings and textured stone to be so inventive and remarkable. I just love being around it and looking for types of architecture I don't see a lot back home. Plus, it's so beautiful here weather-wise! Oh my word, it's great! I know it's a bit rainy every other day, but it's fleeting and SO fabulous here otherwise... Spring HAS sprung! :)

On the way back to Bonn we stopped at the Ludendorff Bridge in Remagen. For those who do not know about this important spot, which I'm assuming is most of you as I did not know about it until I moved here, I will tell you some of it's WW II history. Let's see if I can get this right... The Ludendorff Bridge was used as a railway bridge in Germany before and during WW II. It was In the beginning of March in 1945, General Dwight D. Eisenhower and the 9th Infantry Division of the Allie Forces overtook the bridge and, as a statement more than anything, had his men cross the bridge from Remagen to Erpel - It was part of Operation Lumberjack. After the bridge was captured, Hitler "fired" the captain there and spent efforts trying to destroy the bridge with his own bombs and artillery. Ten days after the capture, the bridge did collapse, but not until after the Allied forces had full use of the bridge and had established a camp on the opposite side of the bridge. The towers connecting the bridge on each side still stand and are left as a memorial to all who fought bravely there, and a reminder to overcome war.
Overall, my Monday was WONDERFUL, just like the rest of my weekend... I am LOVING the Spring and how amazing it is here in Germany. It's definitely not home, but it's slowly becoming a second home to me. I am SO grateful to be here!

... and to see Linz! (Next entry - Salzburg!!!)

P.S. Really quick, because I know that we could all use even MORE pictures to look at, here's a picture of the little Easter basket Koko, Patrick, and the boys gave me - so presh!

Song of the Day: Today I discovered that Dave Barnes, one of my FAVORITES (Thanks to Ashley & Matt's wedding song choices - haha! There's a little Shout-Out there!), had a new album out! I was thrilled... and thus, I went and bought it. Haha! It's great - everyone should check this guy out... Love him. Here is Dave Barnes performing one of the songs from his new album, Little Lies. You can see more of him off that page too - SO good! Serious. Enjoy!!!

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