Saturday, October 30, 2010


Recently, I made a conscience decision to see more of the areas that I live in. When I go back to the states, I already have a list of things to do and see in UT that would be new to me. I also found that while I have lived in Bonn, and been to Cologne a few times, I have not really checked out certain parts of these cities. So, this weekend a friend of mine helped me tackle Cologne (or, Koln)!

Friday after the boys violin lessons, I dropped them with Koko and caught a train to Cologne. I got into the city right after 5pm and headed to meet Steffi, so she could show me part of the city. Mike did this too while he was here, but we saw more of his missionary side to things. Steffi took me to some overlooks of the city, and showed me other aspects about the city's actual "sight-seeing" agenda. It was nice to just walk along and chat too - she's a great friend, that I'm lucky to have here in Bonn.

One thing about Cologne is all the locks... Some of the other countries I have been to (Italy - it's their tradition- and France) have this same thing, but NOT like Cologne. A few years back people began to confess their undying love for their lover by taking a lock, engraving it with the couples names or initials, locking the lock on the bridge's fence, and throwing the key into the ocean. Haha! It's a bit silly. It's a bit romantic. It is what it is... just fluff and fun. However, the locks cover the ENTIRE bridge, and it's getting harder and harder to find places to PUT new locks. Haha! It's really cool, and I hope the city doesn't send someone out to take the locks off. Other countries do that, because they're in more random places. However, in Cologne it's more centralized into one place, and it's a pretty cool aspect to the bridge.

After Steffi took me a bit around the city and gave me the basic tour, we decided it was time to get our grub on... our German food grub. Haha! The best places to get good German food here TEND to be breweries, or beer gardens. That's what I've been told, and last night I was convinced. It's a fun atmosphere, good food, fast service, and it just has a German feel to it all. I was brave and tried new things too...

First, I tried brown beer. Yep, I had my very first beer. Now, lest some of my friends begin to panic and call me a sinner (judge me, go ahead), this beer is non-alcoholic and definitely doesn't even smell like beer. I had jokingly told Steffi that I couldn't be in Germany and NOT drink a beer, so she ordered us these kind and it was legit. It smells and looks like dark corn syrup, but tastes like bubbled water with a hint of Rye Bread. Haha! It was fine, but nothing amazing. I was glad I tried it though!

The second thing I tried... Blood Sausage (seen in the picture above of Steffi). Apparently, they're not only big in England. Who knew? I tried it here, with potatoes... not bad! Again, it's not really something I would eat a lot of, but it wasn't gross or anything. I can't believe I didn't try while I was in England ever. Two new things to add to my list... :)

So, I conquered a little more of Germany on Friday night, but only the tip of the iceberg, on the entire glacier. Haha! It was a good time - I was so glad I went, and SO glad for my personal tour guide. :)

Song of the Day: I found this artist on MySpace. He randomly added me, probably to build his friend base and I was "friends" with lots of musicians. Well, he's actually really fabulous and he has a song that he does with Sara Bareilles singing his back-up, which makes him more awesome in my eyes because I adore her and love her music. So, here is Todd Carey (Feat. Sara Bareilles) with his song, Smile. To listen below, just click the "deny" button in the middle, and then play. He also has a song called, Masterpiece, that is quite amazing. Enjoy!

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