Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love... Relive.

I was watching the movie Eat, Pray, Love last night, pretty much cause it has Julia Roberts and I adore her - I had no idea what it was about beforehand. As I was watching, she spends a great deal of time in Italy, learning a language and "soul-searching." I realized that all of these places she was walking around or sitting near in Rome, were places I had been. She stood in posts I had stood... and it made me smile. It made me love that I was BROKE after that trip, because I spent all I had on seeing all I could, and eating more gelato than a human should be able to eat.

I loved Italy. That was my favorite vacation next to my trip last Thanksgiving to Hawaii.

Italy is incredible, and I WILL go back someday.

There's a part in the movie where Julia's character states, "I feel so guilty. I have been in Rome for three weeks and all that I have done is learn a few Italian words and eat." I started to laugh because I have been in Germany for ten months, and though I've learned more than a FEW German words, my language skills are still schlecht (or, bad)... and I have definitely eaten more bread and pastries living here than I have eaten in my life. I eat healthier overall, but still... I eat a lot of yummy bread.

However, right after Julia's character says this in the movie, a random Italian man turns around and says, "You feel guilty because you are American. You don't know how to enjoy yourself. American's know entertainment, but don't know pleasure." I see the truth and the lies behind that thought... However, they use the coined the phrase, "The sweetness of doing nothing." I like to work - I really like being busy. However, I also like relaxing and just being chill. Moderation in ALL things...

Sidenote: Elephants in India = Remover of Obstacles...

Anyway, this whole part reminded me of when I was getting ice cream for the last time in Roma... Let me relive that moment:

"We ended up chatting with the owner for a little bit and his family. He father owns a bakery across the way and he was in there talking with his son. The dad and I tried to talk, but he doesn't know English, so the granddaughter and son translated a bit. I was telling him how great gelato is, but it's gonna make a big woman bigger – haha! He replied. 'Big is beautiful – many women could do with your confidence.'”

It was just one of those times in life where a memories comes rushing back to you, out of nowhere, and you're swept away in remembrance... and it's a cleansing feeling.

(I loved this movie.)

P.S. I also saw Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps this weekend... Man, I adore Shia Lebouf. Not only does he seem to get better looking with age, but he is one talented actor - I'd LOVE to work with him someday. I remember his work with a Disney Channel movie called, "Tru Confessions," where he played a mentally challenged boy, and I called it then - a true, genuine star. He really is going to do great things with acting if he keeps his head on straight... For those who didn't see the first movie and thought they'd be lost watching this one, neither did I, and you won't be. It's a good one...

Song of the Day: I love dancing around to this song! It's a good "drivin' to the clubs" jam... even if I don't really drive to the clubs very much... Hm. Here's Hot Tottie, by Usher (Feat. Jay-Z). Enjoy!

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Michelle said...

i just think it is so neat all the things you are doing!! i feel like i get to taste europe vicariously through you...just a little...well, and it makes me more determined to get to europe myself. anyways, i love your insights. keep 'em coming :)