Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Maybe not, FOREVER..."

"If I were old enough, I'd marry you." - Nico

"Really. You'd want to be with me for forever?" - Linze

"Well... maybe not, FOREVER." - Nico

Yea. HAHAHA! Then, the conversation continued. He walked over to me and sat on my lap to hug me for a long time. During the hug he said some more things...

"I really love you. I would marry you." - Nico

"I thought you didn't want to be with me for forever." - Linze

"Well, not forever, but a good deal longer." - Nico

"I love you too, Nico." - Linze

I love my little Nicolo-Picolo.

Sidenote: These pictures are an impression of a poster in the U-bahn station - Nico's idea. SO funny!

His is WAY better than mine - by far.

Song of the Day: I am currently loving on Taylor Swift's new album. Thus, here is a song from her the album, Haunted. So far, it's my favorite... though there are a few of them. Enjoy!

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Autumn Lynn said...

Those kids are adorable